My enjoyable Goa trip with friends.

I had holidays at work – Christmas vacation (2018). In India, Goa is the first on the list for – friends get together trip. (Thanks to Dil Chahta Hai )

I had planned to utilize my holidays well. I went on a goa trip, 3 days, with 3 friends – to travel and explore. Most importantly REFRESH.

My friend had visited goa a lot of times so he was given the charge for the arrangements to stay and travel tickets(bus).

We started on the 25th evening, on the bus. After 11 hours, early in the morning, we reached Panjim, the capital of Goa. From the bus stand, we took a rickshaw to Betalbatim, the place where we had booked our stay.

My friend had arranged for a 2 bhk flat, in a bungalow, in Betalbatim. The owner had two buildings, one for his family and the other building had 2bhk flats, constructed to give on rent /stay. The flat had all the amenities from a sofa set, to a TV set, music system and all kitchen necessities.

We reached the flat, dumped our bags and freshened up, to go for a walk to the beach. Next to our flat, around 10 minutes’ walk, was the Sunset beach. The walk was a good option, as my legs had become stiff sitting in the bus for the whole night.

The beach, with the vast ocean, stretched at the horizon, and the sun had just come up, the view was amazing. I had been on the beach after a long time. Fresh air, the voice of the splashing waves of water and the right amount of sunshine…some moments are better felt than explained.

I played in the waters and told my friend to click some pictures. I had a walk on the wet sand alone, just to take at the moment. As I walked on the wet sand, the waters just almost reaching my feet. I could see that my footsteps were washed away by the waves. No sign showed that I had just walked on that sand. We work, behave a certain way, make contacts to gain identity…. which can be washed away by just a wave.

We were very hungry. There is only one shack on the beach. I ordered a veg sandwich and a juice . Food and friends on the beach …what more can you ask for.?!

I love reading. While my friends had gone to arrange for bikes on rent, I sat in the shack reading, facing the vast ocean. After almost an hour, we all rode back to our rented flat and hit the bed.

In the evening, we decided to go to Colva beach on our bikes. Walking on the beach and seeing all the food stalls decorated with fairy lights, due to Christmas was beautiful.

Kentuckee is a famous restaurant near Colva beach. There was music and few people were dancing. We chatted and enjoyed the food. We reached our flat late at night.

The next day, we got up early and went to Martin’s corner, a bakery, near our flat, for breakfast. We took our bikes and again headed to Colva beach, as my friend wanted to take a dip in the water. On the way, we did some shopping. I bought some fridge magnets as souvenirs and cashews.

My friend wanted to buy a nice scarf, so we went to all the clothing stalls, which made me buy a black beach gown. We reached Colva beach and sat in one of the shacks admiring nature, while one of my friends went for a swim. We had some food while relaxing on the wooden foldable deck beds. I played with sand for some time and then we headed back to the flat to cook some more food …. Maggi.

We went to Majorda beach, in the evening. It had options of water sports, so the beach was very crowded, but I am not very fond of it. I had a walk on the beach with one of my friends. One to one interactions always helps to connect. We discussed our experiences of “staying with parents”. This conversation has helped me be more independent, have my own goals and not be scared of taking actions.

While walking we reached a shack, which had a candlelight theme. Our table was near the waters, on the wet sand, under the open twinkling sky, cool breeze blowing and a candle – glass placed on the centre of the table. I removed my sandals, soaked my feet deep into the sand and admired the waves. I ate my veg. Biryani (which was delicious) and thought …isn’t our body made of food, soil, water, air and fire, and I am surrounded by it …in its supreme grandeur.

The next day, we had an evening bus, back to Pune (home) from Panjim. So, in the morning, we packed our bags, returned the bikes and headed to Panjim, on the bus. We stayed near Miramar beach, in a big room, on the top floor of the bungalow. We freshened up and walked to the Miramar beach.

Miramar Beach has lots of coconut trees. There were lots of stalls too, selling everything from food, drinks, jewellery, dress to water sport activities.

At Miramar beach, there was a ferry ride, which we booked. This ride shows the churches and the resorts on the hills near the beach. Some well-known Bollywood songs were shooted at these places. We even saw dolphins trying to catch up on the ferry ride. It was an enjoyable ride.

After the ride, we walked on the beach, towards the Marriott hotel. We had lunch at one of the shacks, discussing our experiences of the trip.

We went back to the room just to collect our packed bags and headed towards the bus station, to go back home. Luckily the bus we had booked was out of service, so we got a sleeper bus. 

 Just like the movie, Dil Chahta Hai, my trip too had a happy ending.

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