5 reasons why I Love to Swim.

I love to swim. It is refreshing and relaxing.

Swimming is one of the best exercises. I have listed down 5 reasons why swimming is great and I hope that you to will love it .

1. Water the main source of our body

Our body is made up of roughly 70% water. That’s why it is essential to drink plenty of water. Many articles suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water. If our body is dipped in water, it will create wonders. 

Being in the water relaxes the nerves and muscles. It adds freshness and hence cures tiredness.

So whenever your body feels low, take a dip in the pool and experience the magic!

Blue Water

2. Swim to be slimmer

Swimming is the best exercise. The whole body, especially the hands and leg muscles get a good stretch. 

The whole body is utilized to swim or float, which helps in carving a good physique.

Mostly all swimming pools have a low level and high level of water. If you don’t know to swim, just get into the pool and walk in the low-level area of the swimming pool.

Even just walking or strolling in water will enhance your mood. As it’s a bit difficult to walk in water, the leg muscles have to work a bit harder and “voila”, it will help you get well-toned legs.

Person Swimming on Body of Water

3. You don’t need a buddy to swim

I hate going to the gym alone, or even walking alone. I start for a few days and get bored after some time. Gym and walking, if done with a partner keeps you motivated to continue the routine.

Swimming, on the other hand, doesn’t need a buddy. I just look at the swimming pool and feel like getting soaked in it.

Silhouette Photography of Man at Beach during Sunset

4. No investment 

If you join a gym, you will need to enrol first. Then invest in gym clothes and special shoes, which can be used only in the gym. 

Cycling and trekking need proper investment in the instruments. Even climate plays a major role in these forms of exercises. Or if you work out at home, you will have to buy gym equipment, which will cost a fortune.

For a swim, you can go to a nearby lake or any other water body nearby your area and dive in. FREE!

Person in Red Jacket Standing in Front of Waterfalls

5. Its easily accessible

About 70% of the earth’s crust is covered in water. Wells, canals, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans are our natural sources of water.

Google water bodies near your area and start your trip. It can be a good and energetic weekend getaway. 

After a dip in the natural waters, it will turn your day into a relaxed, calm and pleasant one. 

Nowadays, apartments mostly come with a residential swimming pool, which makes it accessible and adds a sense of serenity to the place.

I hope, my 5 reasons have motivated you to take a plunge in the waters. 


Splash of Water

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