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Happy Dussehra : 10th Day : The Beautiful Vijayadashami Festival.


Dussehra : Introduction

Vijayadashami is also known as Dussehra.

It is the tenth day of Navratri, which marks or signifies the end of Navratri.

Dussehra is celebrated to honour the victory of Lord Rama over Ravan, the same as the triumph of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishadura.

The tenth day is called Vijayadashmi (or Dussehra) where ‘Vijaya’ means victory – of good over evil, the victory of Lord Rama over the ten-headed demon king, Ravana.


10 Heads of Ravan

Ravana’s ten heads represent ten negative qualities – 

1.Kaam : Lust

2. Krodh : Anger

Lobh : Greed

4.Moh : Attachment

5. Ahankar : Ego

6. Bhay : Fear

7. Irshya : Jealousy 

8. Jadta : Inertia

9. Dvesh : Hate

Paschataap : Guilty

Happy Dussehra

In Conclusion

Hence, this day also signifies victory over our own minds.

Be aware of these emotions and when you experience them, feel them deeply and let it pass.

At the end, every emotion is also a fleeting feeling which passes with time. So, don’t let them have control over you.


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