Vishvakarma Jayanti

Vishvakarma Jayanti: Falls on the Beautiful Powerful 17th September 2023.

Vishvakarma Jayanti
Vishvakarma Jayanti

Vishwakarma Jayanti: 17th September 2023

Vishwakarma Jayanti falls on September 17th, 2023, as per the Gregorian calendar, aligning with the Hindu calendar’s Kanya Sankranti.

In addition to this annual celebration, Vishwakarma puja is also observed a day after Diwali in October-November, along with Govardhan Puja.

In the rich tapestry of Hindu tradition, one figure stands out as the master craftsman, the divine architect, and the creator of the universe’s intricate design – Vishvakarma.

Also known as Visvakarman, this deity is a fascinating character with a multifaceted presence in Hindu traditions.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the stories, legends, and celebrations surrounding Vishvakarma, shedding light on his significance in the Hindu pantheon.

Vishvakarma Jayanti
Vishvakarma Jayanti

The Origins of Vishvakarma:

The roots of Vishvakarma’s identity trace back to the early Vedic texts, where he was initially known as Tvastar.

However, over time, his name evolved to encompass the divine craftsman persona we recognize today – Vishwakarma.

Vishvakarma’s daughter Samjna, is the sun god Surya’s consort.

According to legend, he harnessed Surya’s energy to create a plethora of weapons and artefacts, including the mighty Vajra wielded by the god Indra.

Vishvakarma Jayanti
Vishvakarma Jayanti

The Divine Craftsman’s Creations:

In Hindu tradition, Vishwakarma is revered as the divine engineer, a swayambhu (self-manifested) deity responsible for

constructing the holy city of Dwarka,

the Pandavas’ grand palace in Indraprastha,

the beautiful Jagannath Puri idols and the temple.

and countless other marvellous creations.

As the son of Brahma, he holds the esteemed position of being the official builder of the gods’ celestial palaces.

In the epic Ramayana, we learn that he even created Nala and Nile, the vanaras (forest men or monkeys), to assist Lord Rama in his divine mission- to build the bridge to go to Lanka.

Vishvakarma’s role as the divine engineer extends beyond physical creations. In the Rigveda, he is portrayed as the source of all prosperity, a seer, priest, and lord of speech.

Some interpretations even consider him the personification of ultimate reality, the abstract creative power that permeates the universe.

Vishvakarma Jayanti
Vishvakarma Jayanti

Vishvakarma Jayanti: A Celebration of Craftsmanship:

Vishwakarma Jayanti, the festival dedicated to Vishvakarma, is a vibrant celebration that transcends traditional boundaries.

Observed primarily in factories and industrial areas, the day is a mark of reverence for engineers, artisans, craftsmen, and workers from various fields.

They gather to pray for a better future, safe working conditions, and success in their respective endeavours.

One of the unique aspects of Vishwakarma Jayanti is the worship of machines. Workers seek the smooth functioning of the machinery that fuels their industries, emphasizing the importance of technology and innovation in today’s world.

Vishvakarma Jayanti
Vishvakarma Jayanti

In Conclusion: Vishvakarma Jayanti

In Hindu mythology, Vishvakarma, the divine architect, is a multifaceted deity known for crafting celestial chariots, cities, and even forest men to aid gods.

His origin in early Vedic texts as Tvastar evolved into the creative force of the universe.

Vishwakarma Jayanti, celebrated in factories and industrial areas, honours engineers and artisans, emphasizing technology’s importance.

This festival falls in September, aligning with Kanya Sankranti, and is also observed after Diwali.

Vishvakarma’s role as the divine engineer and craftsman resonates in today’s world, highlighting the significance of creativity and innovation.

His role as a symbol of creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship is celebrated in the modern world, reminding us of the importance of skill and ingenuity in shaping our reality.

As we observe Vishwakarma Jayanti, let us honour the legacy of this remarkable deity and the enduring spirit of creation and innovation he embodies.

Om Vishwakarmaya Namah

Shilpakari Namo Namah

Mangalkari Namo Namah

Chakradhari Namo Namah


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