Divine Feminine – A Poem

Divine Feminine – Sapana Shrotriya ( dreamzandexperiences )

In realms of grace, a woman stands,

A symphony of beauty, in delicate hands.

Her essence dances with moonlit beams,

A tapestry of strength, beyond all dreams.

With eyes that hold the wisdom of ages,

She weaves her stories on history’s pages.

Her laughter tinkles like a gentle breeze,

Unveiling secrets, bringing hearts at ease.

In her smile, the sun finds its warmth,

Radiating love in its purest form.

Her touch, a balm to heal the wounded soul,

A gentle embrace that makes us whole.

She walks with grace, like a forest nymph,

Embracing life’s journey, taking each triumph.

Through valleys of tears and mountains of fears,

She rises, resilient, conquering the years.

Her spirit shines like a guiding light,

Igniting passion in the darkest night.

A nurturing soul, she brings forth life,

A mother, a sister, a loyal wife.

She embodies love in its grandest form,

Unfolding petals in a gentle storm.

Her voice, a melody that stirs the heart,

Her presence, a masterpiece of art.

Oh, woman divine, a marvel to behold,

With a spirit fierce and a heart of gold.

In your presence, the world finds solace,

A testament to your immeasurable grace.

-Sapana Shrotriya ( dreamzandexperiences )

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