Do you remember your simple happy life before the internet?

Reminiscing the Days of Wonder

In the age of the Internet, where information is at our fingertips and connectivity is ubiquitous (found everywhere), it’s hard to imagine a world without this digital realm that shapes so much of our daily lives.

However, there was indeed a time when the Internet didn’t exist, and people lived in a simpler, yet equally fascinating world.

Join me on a journey down memory lane as we explore the bygone era before the Internet revolutionized the world.

The Age of Encyclopedia:

Before the Internet, encyclopedias were prized possessions, occupying shelves in homes and libraries.

Seeking knowledge required flipping through the pages of these meticulously crafted volumes, discovering a wealth of information within their crisp, yellowing pages.

There was a certain charm in the pursuit of knowledge, in slowly turning the pages, and occasionally stumbling upon unexpected treasures.

The Art of Letter Writing:

In an era before instant messaging and emails, communication relied heavily on the art of letter writing.

Pens scratched the surface of the papers as we poured their thoughts, emotions, and stories onto the pages.

Waiting anxiously for a reply, the anticipation and joy that came with receiving a handwritten letter were unmatched.

It was a time when patience and anticipation added a touch of magic to every conversation.

Local Adventures and Tangible Maps:

Planning a road trip or exploring a new city required a different kind of preparation.

Folded maps were meticulously unfolded, traced with fingers, and marked with highlighters to create a visual guide to one’s destination.

Road atlases became trusted companions, and getting lost on winding roads often led to the most memorable discoveries.

There was a sense of adventure in relying on instincts and asking locals for directions.

Gathering Around the Television:

Before streaming platforms and binge-watching, families and friends would gather around the television set at specific times to watch their favourite shows or catch the latest news.

Remember TV serials like: “Chhayageet”, “Ramayana”, “Mahabharat” and Friday night movies on Doordarshan.

It was a shared experience that brought people together, and conversations about the latest episode or a thrilling game became a common thread connecting individuals from different walks of life.

Exploration through Books and Libraries:

The absence of the Internet made libraries and bookstores treasure troves of knowledge and adventure.

With no search engines to rely on, exploring a topic meant diving into the depths of shelves, scanning titles, and reading through the pages of books.

Libraries were sanctuaries for curious minds, fostering a love for reading and a genuine appreciation for the written word.


The world before the Internet was a different realm, but one filled with its own charm and allure.

It was a time when knowledge was sought through books, when personal connections were nurtured through letters, and when the exploration of the world relied on tangible maps and local interactions.

While the Internet has undeniably revolutionized our lives, it is important to take a moment to appreciate the wonders and simplicity of a bygone era.

So let’s embrace the nostalgia, cherish the memories, and honour the beauty of a world that once thrived before the advent of the Internet.

Share your memories and experiences of life before the Internet.

What do you miss the most or what fond memories do you have?

Do let me know in the comments section below.


  1. I recall waiting with eager anticipation for Saturday morning when getting up at six meant mom and dad were sleeping in and we got to watch cartoons for four hours straight—until the infomercials came on.

    When the option wasn’t there any time you’d like, you appreciated getting a choice between four amazing shows. The only time it wasn’t good was when you had one television and four kids running back and forth, changing channels, and adjusting the antenna for a good picture. Of course, if the vacuum was on, or the mixer in the kitchen, forget it!

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