Spiritual Life Coach and Tarot Reader

Meet Kajal Verma: A Spiritual Life Coach and Tarot Reader

Kajal Verma is a life coach and tarot reader who is passionate about helping people achieve their soul purposes and create a positive space in their lives.

As a Leo born on 26th July 1995 in Jalandhar, Punjab, Kajal is loyal, honest, confident, and ambitious.

She holds a Master’s degree in Commerce and has worked as an Assistant Professor in Retail Management for three years at Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar.

Kajal’s Journey

Kajal’s interest in holistic and occult sciences began when she was an assistant at “Human Empowerment Life Coach”.

Her experience there sparked her curiosity, and she eventually became a coach at the same centre.

Kajal’s passion for spiritual modalities such as tarot readings, reiki healings, and runes has helped her spread happiness and peace to people around the world.


Despite coming from a middle-class family, Kajal didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams.

She launched her brand, “Divinesoul KAVE,” in 2021, offering :

Tarot readings, Runes caster and healings, Reiki healings, Green Tara Maa healing, Vaastu guide, Pendulum dowser, Manifestation coaching, Positivity mentoring, Crystal healing, Handwriting analysis sessions, Colour therapy sessions, and Chakra and Aura cleansing sessions.

She also conducts various workshops, including the Tarot Wonders Mastery Course, Art of Runes Casting and Healing Divination, Pendulum Dowsing Course, Bay Leaf Workshops, and 21 Days of Journaling (Journey from Chaos to Calm).

Kajal’s Spiritual Talks

In addition to her services and workshops, Kajal has started her own “Spiritual Talks” podcast series on her YouTube channel, KAVETALES.

The series invites speakers from the tarot and healing world to share their spiritual experiences and provide knowledge about different occult modalities.


Kajal’s entrepreneurial journey has been full of learnings, with the three most important ones being :

to not rush,

stay calm, and

focus on your goals.

She views business struggles as learnings that push her to give her best and learn something new each day.

Final Thoughts

Kajal believes that we are blessed and capable of creating our dream reality.

She advises people who want to pursue spiritual modalities to go with their intuition and take action, as that one decision can bring a massive shift in their lives.

She feels grateful to the universe for bringing her into this spiritual world, and she encourages others to take the leap and dive into this magical ocean.

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