My 200th Blog – An Amazing Journey.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you all for supporting my dreams by Reading, Commenting and Liking my blog.

Your blessings have helped me reach another milestone – the 200th blog!!!

I started my journey as a blogger in the year 2021. I enrolled into many “Blog Writing Courses”.

When I completed these courses I got the idea of starting my own “Blog Platform”.

I researched a lot and chose “WordPress” platform, to publish my blogs.

I published my first blog on 17th April 2021, and on 18th December 2022, I am publishing my 200th Blog.

I Am Full Of Excitement And Gratitude!!!

My Journey

As many people don’t know my name, I would like to give a short introduction about myself, my blog logo and the reason behind the overall structure of dreamzandexperiences.

My name is Sapana Shrotriya. My name means a “dream” and hence the name, “dreamzandexperiences”.

I am an 80’s kid. My birthday is on the 12th of May, so like a true Taurean, I am loyal, independent, determined and of course, a stubborn person.

I was a school teacher. I used to teach Science and English subjects. Being an English teacher, reading and writing has become a part of my life.

As I love reading novels, story books, magazines and blogs, it inspired me to write about my dreams, my aspirations and my experiences.

Reading makes you aware of others’ lives and their experiences.

I hope, that after you read my blogs, you get a glimpse into my world.

Dreamzandexperiences Blog Logo

The colour “Blue” represents imagination, inspiration, open spaces, freedom and intuition.

The “Circle” represents wholeness – a universal symbol.

So my “Blog Logo” consists of “Blue Colour” and “Concentric Circles”.

The White flower in the centre means : Peace and Harmony.

My Blog Topics:

Many blog readers ask me, how I select my topics.

My topics are related to my day-to-day life, my interests, my dreams, my aspirations and my experiences.

Hence, the subject of dreamzandexperiences is:

Dream – Aspire – Experience.


1. Trying different beverages and Food Items –

I love knowing about different cultures, their lifestyles and their food.

I am a pure vegetarian, but there are many options available, from sandwiches to pizzas, to different starters and rice recipes.

I even love to try different beverages, my favourite is Pinacolada Mocktail and Watermelon Mojito.

Looking at the food choices available in India, I had to create a category named “Food”.

2. Dancing –

I have learnt the basic steps of Salsa and Bachata.

I have even learnt the basics of Kathak and Bharatanatyam Indian dance forms.

As these dance forms have a certain dress code, jewellery and make-up, I have written about the importance of wearing nose rings, bangles, necklaces, anklets etc.

I have named this category “Fun times” as it gives me immense joy to dress up and dance.

3. Reading –

I love reading mythological books, novels, poems and inspirational/motivational books.

“Bhagwad Gita” is my favourite book.

“Merchant of Venice” written by William Shakespeare is one of my favourite plays.

As I love reading about mythology, I have created a category named “Philosophy” on this site.

If you too are inquisitive about Mythology and Philosophy, this category is just for you.

4. Be in touch with Nature –

In my free time, I like to be in touch with nature.

I have created a small balcony garden at home, and I love sipping my cup of tea on my balcony looking at the mini nature. It gives me immense joy and calmness.

I even like to know about zodiac signs, elements of nature, and human behaviour, so I made a category called “Quick Reads”.

As the blogs are short and hence quicker to read, I named this category “Quick Reads”. Check it out.

5. Watching movies/ TV shows –

I prefer watching comedy stuff.

I even love watching Bollywood masala movies and Rom-com Hollywood movies.

My favourite comedy show is ” #TMKOC – Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah”, Khichdi, F.R.E.I.N.D.S, and Two and a Half Men, to name a few.

I love the storytelling format, as it not only engages the human mind, it also enhances a person’s imagination levels and creativity.

So I have a category called “Stories” where I have tried to tell stories of the 9 Saints called “Navnaths”, stories related to Indian festivals, check other such topics below.

6. Travelling –

I started travelling more after my marriage. So, exploring!

I have mentioned my Matheran trip, Goa trip and Pawna Lake Camping trip in the category “Travel”.

7. Tarot Reader

I am a “Certified Tarot Reader” and “Chakra Meditation Healer”.

During the pandemic, I watched a lot of Tarot videos. I was and am fascinated with Tarot cards, so started learning more about Tarot cards and predictions.

I was already into spirituality, and I am practising deep levels of meditation since 3 years.

So, Tarot readings became easy to understand and learn. I even took up a course in Tarot Reading.

You can know more about this by following my Instagram Id @dream_with_tarot

If you need clarity or guidance in life, you can book a Personal Tarot Reading,

by sending me a DM @dream _with_tarot.

“Dreamzandexperiences”, as the name suggests, will give you

a glimpse into my dreams, my interests, my aspirations, my inspirations and my experiences.

Like a movie ending, I hope my blogs too, will give you a smile and some entertainment.

And through my blogs, I just want to convey,


The best and most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart.

-Helen Keller

Thank you once again for all your

Love, Support and Blessings.



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