4 Elements of the Tarot Deck.

Since the 15th century, people have turned to the tarot deck to know their future.

By getting your “Tarot Cards” read, you will get your answers to all your questions big and small.

This will help you get clarity in all aspects of your life so that your life path is equipped with insight and intuition.

To put it in simple words, “Tarot Card Reading” is an easy and exciting practice of “Self-help and Self-love”.

The “Tarot Card Deck” consists of 78 cards. These 78 tarot cards are segregated into “22 Major Arcana Cards” and “56 Minor Arcana Cards”.

“22 Major Arcana Cards”

“Major Arcana Cards” will tell you about the structure of human consciousness.

If these cards are present in a person’s reading can suggest that the situation in question is out of your hands and is left to ‘fate.’  Hence these are also known as “important life lesson cards”.

“56 Minor Arcana Cards”

The Minor Arcana Cards are also known as the “Suit Cards”.

These cards are like the supporting cast members in a play, they add more insight and perspective to the reading.

If your reading is full of suits, then it indicates that you are being guided to take ownership of your life journey. 

The “56 Minor Arcana Cards” are divided into four parts or the “Four Elements of Nature”:

Air is represented by “Sword Cards”

Water is represented by “Cup Cards”

Earth is represented by “Pentacles”

Fire is represented by “Wands”

These “elements of nature” are depicted through illustrations on the tarot cards, which can help you comprehend your reading on a deeper level.

Swords = Air

If your “Tarot Card Reading” spread shows many sword cards, it means that you might be overthinking things so you might need to inspect the facts a bit more finely.

Cups = Water

The “Cup Card” represents “emotions”. These cards highlight our relationships with our feelings. You can evaluate these cups as “half full or half empty containers”. The choice is completely yours!!! 

Pentacles = Earth

These coins represent our material world, which you can physically touch. It can be money, that new shirt you wish to buy!

Pentacles usually indicate practical knowledge related to our resources. 

Wands = Fire

“Wand Cards” usually indicate that growth or action is possible. Career-wise, it can indicate the promotion you are waiting for, in the love/ romantic life aspect it indicates that the person you’ve got your eye on can take some action towards you. 

As tarot reading provides you in-depth insight into your life, it helps to keep your mind, emotions and soul in equilibrium.

I am a “Certified Tarot Card Reader”.

After practising ” 7 Chakra Meditation”, I learnt about the different ” Universal Energies”.

These energies can help us lead a joyful and successful life.

These “Universal Energies” are the” Tarot Card Reading” guiding forces.

With the guidance provided in the ” Tarot Card Reading”, a person can get an insight into the different aspects of life.

 Dream with Tarot 

Tarot Card Reading is a part of a “Cartomancy”.

A ” Tarot Reader” uses their charged “Tarot Cards” purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future.

They formulate a question asked and draw the tarot cards and interpret them to give meaning.

Yes/No Question –: 299/-

Multiple Choice Question: ₹ 399/-

In-depth Reading about any ONE aspect of your life (3 questions): ₹ 999 /-

In-depth reading about any ONE aspect of your life (6 questions): ₹1999 /-

1 hour session – 1999/-

2 hours session – 2999/-

3 hours session – 3999/-

(These are the costs per person)

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