Number 3 is your Happy Number.

Number 3

Birthdates on: 3rd, 12th 21st, 30th dates of any month.

Number 3 is related to the largest planet, Jupiter.

Lucky day: Thursday. (Guruwar)

Number 3 is a sign of a Teacher. (Guru)

Number 3 energy signifies wisdom, knowledge seekers, love, and good fortune.

Number 3 is also a sign of self-expression, playfulness generosity and spirituality.

Number 3 people should live their life to the fullest by seeking higher wisdom. As these people are knowledge seekers they can become great socialites and orators.

Number 3 is connected with the ascended masters and at times with the goddess.

Number 3 is also known as the “Number of the Witches” and the “Unknown” hence 3 is also associated with luck, magic and understanding the unknown territory.

Number 3 possesses negative aspects like impatience, disharmony, indifference, intolerance and lack of focus.

If you see “Number 3” at regular intervals,  it is a sign that this is the right time for you to

“Chase your dreams and Follow your Heart”.

Seek the knowledge that you require to reach your goals. This knowledge will help you take calculated risks for reaching your goals.


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