“5 Main Benefits of Soil”- “Save Soil”

The “Vedas” say that the “Soil is the Basis of our Survival”.

There is a quote in the Vedas which translates to: –

“Upon this handful of soil, our survival depends. Care for it, and it will grow our food, our fuel, our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it, and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it.”

Mahatma Gandhi has also reminded us that:

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

For Hindus, the “Panchtatva” describes the “Universal Laws of Life”.

It states that everything, including life, is composed of five basic elements:

  • Akash – Space/Sky;
  • Vayu – Air;
  • Jal – Water;
  • Agni – Fire;
  • Prithvi – Earth / Soil.

As per Judeo-Christian tradition, the first two human beings on the planet were Adam and Eve. In Hebrew, the original language of the Bible’s Old Testament, states that –

  • Adam means “Earth” or “Soil”
  • Eve means “Life.”

These meanings and symbols depict that human life has originated from “Soil”.

Even the English words “human” and “humanity” are rooted in the Greek word “humus,” which means the “Fertile Black Topsoil”.

Even the ancient Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita, suggests a “Holistic Approach” to life-based on a philosophical trinity:

  • Ecology
  • Spirituality
  • Humanity.

This trinity is outlined in the Sanskrit concepts as:

•     Human and nature relationships – Yagna

•     Human and divine relationships – Tapas

•     Human and human relationships – Dana

These concepts are further translated into 3 conceptually equivalent themes. These 3 themes are:

Soil –

We must realise that we are interdependent and part of nature.

Soul –

We must reconnect with our souls, and become at peace with ourselves if we wish to have a harmonious and divine relationship with nature

Society –

A movement is needed to create fairer conditions for humanity so that we can foster social harmony and align with care with the earth and our souls.

Each element of the “Tripartite Philosophy” is to be applied together or should be in sync because they are “Interdependent”.

In this way, we can solve the disharmony, violence and destruction being caused to humanity and the environment.

A movement called “Save Soil” is created by “Sadhguru” to help save and nurture the soil for our future generation.

This movement is essential because “Soil is Essential”.

The 5 Main Benefits of Soil will help you understand the importance of this movement – “Save Soil”.

5 Main Benefits of Soil

1. Regulates Earth’s Temperature

Soil regulates the temperature of the Earth thus keeping us safe and healthy.

As the Earth’s temperature is maintained by the soil, the effects of natural weather disasters get reduced.

Do you know – Why the tree stands strong in the harsh storm?

It is because of the soil.

The soil protects the plants from climate change, by holding the roots tightly into the ground.

Just like a mother holds her child firmly into her safe hands.

Unconditional love is all we need – Isn’t the soil giving us unconditionally?

Something to ponder upon!!!

2. Food

Imagine if our farmers didn’t have healthy soils?

The farmers wouldn’t be able to give us food. Which means that we wouldn’t have much food to feed ourselves and our future generations.

We all know for constructing a building the foundation or the base is very important. Similarly, healthy soil is a foundation for plants.

Soil supports the roots by providing them with proper soil nutrients and keeps the plants upright when they’re in the growing stages.

Soils are like “food pantries” for plants because they supply and cycle the important nutrients and minerals that are required for plants to grow. Without these nutrients and minerals, the plants would be weak and would be incapable to grow.

Soil also holds onto the water that is required by the plants to grow.

3. Microbes

Have you noticed that almost all of our antibiotics have been derived from soil microorganisms?

The solutions to overcome all kinds of diseases are just under your feet.

Soil provides suitable ventilation or aeration for the plants. Oxygen for microbes, plant roots, and insects is provided through ventilation/aeration.

Aeration allows the oxygen to reach deep into the soil to where the plants need it most.

Soil is a habitat for microbes. Soil microbes are nature’s “hidden helpers”.

The synergistic relationship of the microbes with the plants helps the plants from being too strained by providing them with proper essential nutrients.

4. Jobs in Agricultural fields

“Food and Agricultural sectors” have become a million – dollars booming industry in the last few years. These sectors are flourishing and creating job opportunities for many people.

This industry is booming because of the crops grown by the farmers.

Without soil, millions of people would be without food as well as jobs. This would also lead to insufficient amounts of fuel, feed, fibre, and food.

We get fuel, feed, fibre, and food because of the Soil.

5. Base of all constructions

Soil is also important because it works as the foundation or a strong base for our homes and buildings.

Without soil, there wouldn’t be any rocks, stones, mud, cement and other construction materials required to build and expand our civilization.

Soil is the Base of our Foundation” !!!

Through these “5 Benefits of Soil,” we come to know that “Living Soil” is the basis of –

  • Food Security
  • Climate Security
  • Water Security
  • Livelihood Security.

If we take care of the soil, it will surely take care of us.

So, henceforth take a moment and look down under your feet and admire the“Beauty and Compassion of the Soil”.

Most importantly have the feeling of“Gratitude for the Soil”!!!

So join Sadhguru in his movement – “Save Soil”

to help save and nurture the soil for our future generation.

This movement is essential because

“Soil is Essential”.

Save Soil Website: https://consciousplanet.org/

Soil has a message for us

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