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Dr Om Sharma has received an award from, Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, for his contribution in the field of “Medical Services”.  Dr Om Sharma, is a well-known Paediatrician, in Bundi, Rajasthan.

He has a hospital in Bundi. – M G Children Hospital. M G Children Hospital is known for offering excellent patient care. This hospital has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment.

Dr Om Sharma is serving people as a doctor for 40 years.

But it wasn’t easy for him to be a doctor. He has gone through a lot of hard work, to achieve his doctorate.


Dr Om Sharma’s father, Mishri Lalji, was a renowned pandit/ priest of Bundi, Rajasthan. He used to chant shlokas from Shrimad Bhagwad. 

Dr Om Sharma’s childhood was exposed to Shrimad Bhagwad; he became a devotee of “Shri Krishna”.

As he comes from a spiritual background, he always had a feeling that we wanted to “serve” the people.

So, he decided to become a doctor.

He believes that “Spirituality” and “Medical Science” go hand in hand.

When he was pursuing his doctorate, he got in touch with the “Brahmakumaris” group.

As he already had a good knowledge about “Shrimad Bhagwad” he got interested in knowledge provided “Brahmakumaris”.

Here he got introduced to “Sankhya Yoga”.

He learnt and practised “Sankhya Yoga”.

In Science, we have learnt to do experiments and the outcomes of the experiments decides if the aim of the experiment was a failure or a success.

Being from a Science field, Dr Om Sharma decided to test his “Sankhya Yoga” knowledge.

He experimented with the knowledge he learned in “Sankhya Yoga” and got positive results out of it.

Through observations and positive outcomes, he developed mastery in “Sankhya Yoga”.

With the help of his doctorate and spiritual knowledge he now aids people to overcome their physical, emotional or mental problems.

He even teaches people “Sankhya Yoga”. He helps people understand how “Sankhya Yoga” is made for the human body to lead the “highest form of lifestyle”.

You may use the sweetest words to communicate, it isn’t that important, the most important thing is the ” feeling” with which you say it.

What is Sankhya Yoga?

“Father of the Sankhya philosophy” is sage Kapila.

He preached the principles of “Sankhya Yoga” to his disciples.

Isvarakrsna, one of his disciples, compiled his principles into a book. This book is called “Sankhya- Karika”.

The word “Sankhya” is a Sanskrit word, which means “number”.

Sankhya also means ‘taking into account. This signifies that “Sankhya” is everything about numbers.

“Sankhya Yoga” takes into account all the important aspects of the world, which are the causes of our existence.

Sankhya states that there are two main layers of creation – one is Prakriti/ Nature, the other one is Purusha/Human.

Prakriti/ Nature mentions all the smallest matter which creates every object in the world. Air, water, trees, leaves, mountains, houses everything is made up of matter. This matter is non-perishable and hence, it does not have a beginning or an end.

You cannot count Prakriti/Nature, But, you can count the objects that it is part of. For example, you can count the number of trees or birds, but you cannot count the environment.

Even air cannot be seen with naked eyes but it can be felt.

The second realism Sankhya is Purusha/ Human – Purusha is eternal. It is neither the intellect nor the body. It is “pure consciousness”. Purusha or a human being is considered as the basis of all knowledge.

photo of brown wooden cabin in forest during daytime

Prakriti is the source of the creation of every object on the earth. If you look at a piece of wooden furniture, wood is the cause and the furniture itself is the effect. Therefore, the causality theory says that each and everything we see in the universe is an effect(object) that results due to a cause(Prakriti).

Prakriti is the ultimate cause of all creation – gross elements like body as well as subtle elements like intellect and wisdom. In addition, every cause has an effect. Moreover, this cause-effect relation leads to all the different kinds of creations in the cosmos and all objects are bounded by it.

The theory of evolution states that Purusha and Prakriti come together to create all objects in the cosmos.

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Purusha is eternal, it is the basic knowledge, it is the masculine, while Prakriti is the feminine component.

When both these aspects combine, it leads to the creation of objects. Purusha by itself cannot be the cause of any object, hence it needs Prakriti/ Nature to create, only then the cause and effect relation takes place.

Elements of Sankhya Philosophy

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24 elements define the Sankhya philosophy. They are:

1.    Prakriti is Nature.

2.    Mahat is a great principle.

3.    Buddhi or mind/intellect is to discriminate, reason and intelligence.

4.    Ahamkara is ego or ego-principle

5.    Five Panchendriyas: are the 5 sense organs.

6.    Five Karmendriyas: are the organs of action – mouth, feet, hands, anus and genitals.

7.    Five Tanmatras: are subtle elements – Sound (Shabda), Touch (Sparsha), Vision (Roopa), Taste (Rasa) and Smell (Gandha).

8.    Five Mahabhutas or Pancha Bhootas: are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

All these 24 elements come together to form “Sankhya Yoga”, which helps in achieving “Spiritual awakening”.

I trust God completely, you too trust God COMPLETELY.

“Spirituality” and “Sankhya Yoga”

“Spirituality” is “the highest order of lifestyle” and “Sankhya Yoga” is the way to pursue “Spirituality”.

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