Number 100 and Science.

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  • Atomic Number

The actinide or actinoid series consists of 15 metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers starting from 89 to 103.
The actinide series starts from the element, Actinium ( Atomic Number – 89) and ends with the element, Lawrencium ( Atomic Number – 103 ).

The name “Actinide Series” was derived from Actinium, the first element in the series.
An actinide series and the last of the heavy metals are created through neutron bombardment.

100 is the atomic number of Fermium.
This element is also a member of the actinide group of the periodic table of elements.
Fermium is a radioactive element.
Fermium does not exist naturally on Earth.
Earlier, Fermium elements had been produced in natural reactor deposits.
The annual world production of Fermium element is probably less than a millionth of a gram.

Till now, the Fermium element is not produced enough, hence its chemical properties are not known.
But as per the predictions, the Fermium element is believed to be a silvery metal, that will be susceptible to attack by air, steam and acids.
Fermium element does not have any commercial uses yet, hence it is not produced.
But there are predictions made that one day, the Fermium element might be of some use in the field of medicine.

  • Celsius Scale

Water is an essential human need.
Each human being on this Earth needs water a day for drinking and cooking and for simply keeping themselves clean.

100 degrees on the Celsius scale, is the boiling temperature of pure water at sea level.
When the temperature is below 0 °C, we use the minus sign (-) to show that the temperature is cold. Water will start freezing, it will become ice.
Water will be ice below 0 °C, water will be in the liquid state from 1 to 99 °C, and steam or turns to water vapour from 100 °C upwards.

  • The Kármán line
The layers of the atmosphere The layers of the earth's atmosphere and the Karman line which separates the atmosphere from outer space karman line stock illustrations

The Kármán line is at an altitude of 100 kilometres above the Earth’s sea level.
The Kármán line is also called the “Von Kármán line”, named after Theodore von Kármán.
Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963), was a Hungarian American engineer and physicist. He was working in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. In 1957, he was the first person to derive such an altitude limit.
A boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is defined by the Kármán line.
The Kármán line has a specific definition set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

The Karman line separating the atmosphere from outer space The layers of the earth's atmosphere and the Karman line which separates the atmosphere from outer space karman line stock illustrations

FAI is an international record-keeping body for aeronautics.
Defining the edge of space is vital for legal and regulatory purposes.
spacecraft and Aircraft come under different jurisdictions and are subject to different treaties. So, defining the edge of space and the Kármán line becomes very important.
The FAI states that the Kármán line begins from 100 kilometres, which is 54 nautical miles, 62 miles and 330,000 feet, above the Earth’s mean sea level.
Most of the experts do not agree with this, because where the atmosphere ends and space begins is not known yet.
But most regulatory agencies, including the United Nations, agree with the FAI Kármán line definition or something close to it.

  • Fully Charged !!!

21st Century is dedicated to the rapidly growing phase of “Social Media”.
As every person, has a mobile, “Social Media” is just available at a click of a button.
Nowadays, you can download applications on your mobile easily.
How do you know that the download is completed?
The maximum percentage, that is 100 %, is the number used to signify that the download is complete.
Even the maximum percentage – 100 % is the sign used to show that your mobile, laptop and any other charging device, is fully charged.

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