The Lotus Flower and its Colours

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Each “Lotus” flower colour also has its representation and spiritual meaning attached to it.

The Buddhist practitioners believe that white “Lotus” flowers symbolize purity.

Whereas, the yellow coloured “Lotus” flower symbolizes spiritual ascension.

Pink Lotus Flower:

shallow focus photo of flower

The “True lotus of Buddha”, is depicted as pink in colour.

The “Pink Lotus” flower signifies the “Essence and History of Buddha”.

In Hinduism, you will notice that the deities sit on pink or pink-tipped lotuses.

The colour pink is also related to “Spiritual Enlightenment and Knowledge”.

In Feng Shui, as pink is one of the softer colours, it is associated with “Feminine energy”.

Red Lotus Flower:

Rd water lily

Red signifies the heart, so the “Red Lotus” flower is associated with “Pure Love and Compassion”.

In Buddhism, there are five main Buddha families, known as “Tathāgatas “.

One of the five “Tathagatas” are called “Padma”.

The Padma family is associated with the fire element. They use red-toned lotuses to represent “Fire energy”.

“Red Lotus” Flowers symbolize “Passion, Inspiration and Expression”.

White Lotus Flower:

White colour represents “Bodhi”, which is “A State of Enlightenment”.

The White lotus is considered to be the representation of the “Womb of the World”.

The white colour also represents “Purity” of both, the Mind and the Soul”.

A white lotus flower is a symbol of “Purity and Transcendence”.

In Feng Shui, the white colour is related to the metal element, which can “cut through” hindrances.

Blue Lotus Flower:

shallow focus photography of green lotus on body of water

Blue signifies the importance of spirit over knowledge.

The blue colour also represents common sense, wisdom, and knowledge. 

The “Blue Lotus” flower is a special symbol for Mahayana Buddhists.

The “Blue Lotus” flower, is always shown closed.

The closed “Blue Lotus” flower is used to describe the potential of human beings to realize their inherent Buddha nature.

Through knowledge and wisdom, the closed “Blue Lotus” flower can ‘blossom’ into a “full bodhisattva-hood”.

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is a person who can reach Nirvana but delays it out of compassion to help others.

purple flower

Select the colour of the Lotus that relates to your wish or desire.

Keep this Lotus

or the picture of Lotus,

around you to attract Positivity and Good Luck.

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