Nature is the Best Teacher.

Lord Dattatreya

A Guru is a person who guides or gives us solutions during our challenging times. Today, we are suffering because of the excess pollution spread in the environment.

Lord Dattatreya is also known as the ” Guru of Environmental Education”.

His teachings should be learnt and imbibed by each one of us.

Lord Dattatreya said “Nature” was his teacher.

Worms Eyeview of Green Trees

If you see Lord Dattatreya’s picture, he is always surrounded by nature. He is sitting under a banyan tree. There is a cow, who provides food (milk and dairy products) and four dogs, who are his protectors.

He has described his 24 observations or learnings from nature which are so insightful and knowledgeable.

His 24 teachings about nature and the values he learnt from them are: –

1. Earth – patience.

Earth Wallpaper

2. Wind – the breath of life.

Tall Grass Under Cloudy Day Sky

3. Sky – gain infinite knowledge, think big

Birds Flying Under Blue Sky

4.  Fire – heat/spreading/ gaining knowledge

Burning Wood on Brown Soil

5. Water – cleanse, purify your heart

Silhouette of Moutain

6. Ocean – Stillness by achieving deep and vast knowledge

Body of Water during Golden Hour

7. Sun – be a giver, gives light as well as helps in forming clouds for the rains

Painting of Red Planet

8. Moon – phases of the moon – reveals that nothing lasts forever.

Full Moon over the Tree

9. Pigeons- not to be obsessive

Brown and White Flying Bird on Blue Sky

10. Bees – be active and work hard to gain success(honey)

Brown and Black Bee on Yellow Flower Nectar

11. Hawk – the power of letting go.

Harris's Hawk | Audubon Field Guide

12. Beekeeper – not to be materialistic

Man harvesting honey in apiary with bees

13. Butterfly – was once a caterpillar, small steps lead to larger goals

Black and White Butterfly Perched on Pink Flower in Close Up Photography

14. Snake – moulting, change is the only constant

Brown Snake on Brown Surface

15. Python – eats whatever it gets, be content

Photo of Snake

16. Moth –  it dies because it is drawn to fire, control your senses

White Brown and Orange Moth

17. Elephant–sensory fulfilment leads to deception

Gray Elephant on Green Grass Field

18. Deer – to not surrender, not to be in a hurry

Brown Deer Laying on Grass Field

19. Fish – not to be greedy

Blue Discus Fish

20. Spider – do not get entangled, abandon

Webbing Green and Red Spider

21. Arrowsmith – the power of concentration.

Person Throwing Dart Pin

22. Courtesan – do not be dependent on external factors.

Person Wearing Black Chunky Heeled Boots

23. Child – be happy and carefree

Boy Running during Sunset

24. Maiden – does her work in solitude

Side view of young Asian female with long dark hair in comfy clothes preparing noodles while standing at counter with assorted fresh products in kitchen

Everything around us teaches us something!

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