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As per Hindu culture and folklore, Sanskrit is the language understood by Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is a language that descended directly from the Heavens.

Worshipping Gods and Goddesses with mantras using the Sanskrit language is a common practice even in today’s day and age.

That is why the Sanskrit language is also known as the Soul of Indian culture and civilization.

Sanskrit is the oldest and classical Indian Language. All the Indian languages have evolved from the Sanskrit language.

Each state of India has its own unique language and dialect. And with each passing village in India, the dialect changes. So, India has many languages with different dialects.

Of the many languages spoken in India, The constitution of India recognizes 22 regional languages, known as scheduled languages.

List Of The 22 Scheduled Languages Of India

 1.   Assamese

2.    Bengali

3.    Bodo

4.    Dogri

5.    Gujarati

6.    Hindi

7.    Kannada

8.    Kashmiri

9.    Konkani

10.  Maithili

11.  Malayalam

12.  Manipuri

13.  Marathi

14.  Nepali

15.  Odia

16.  Punjabi

17.  Sanskrit

18.  Santali

19.  Sindhi

20.  Tamil

21.  Telugu

22.  Urdu

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Official Languages Of India

India doesn’t have any national language.

Hindi and English languages have gained the honour of being the two official languages of India.

So, in the Indian Parliament, communication can only be done in Hindi or in English languages.

You will always find some common words within the hundreds of languages spoken in India. As each language is created with the help of the main language , Sanskrit.

Indian languages also expresses the feeling of

Unity In Diversity .

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