8 foods you ” Must have” at Madhuram Sweets and Namkeens !

In India, we always celebrate the beginnings of something new by making a “sweet dish” and offering it first to God.

May it be buying a new house, a new vehicle, a new electronic item, or students passing their exams, or if a guest is coming home, “Sweet” is a must in India!

Culture and traditions are the two important pillars of Indian society.

There are temples on almost every street corner and every house in India has a “Puja Ghar” or “Temple Place ” too!

It is a common Indian ritual to make an offering of sweets and fruits in the temples.

A “sweet dish” made with “pure ingredients” like milk, sugar and ghee (clarified butter) is the highest ‘sattvic’ (pure) form of sweet. Hence, it is suitable as an offering to God.

It is believed that by offering “Sweets” we get God’s blessings in return. As the sweets are nice and tasty same way good luck will come in the form of prosperity and happiness in all your endeavours.

Indians express respect, gratitude, joy and acknowledge the presence of others in their life by offering sweets.

brown round cake on blue plate

“Offering Sweets” is a symbol of pleasure, happiness and most importantly a token of love.

Today sweets, well known as “mithai,” are extremely popular and widespread.

Phrases like “muh meetha kijiye” (sweeten one’s mouth) or “kuch meetha ho jaaye” (‘let’s have some sweet’) are ever so famous in India.

Any happy occasion in India, like the birth of a child, festival, buying a new vehicle or appliance to fixing a wedding or sometimes even going out to write an exam, “sweets” are always essential.

“Sweets” and “Indian lifestyle” is coherent, as “sweets” are the most important part of the day to day activities in India.

The most famous Indian festival – “Diwali” is all about “firecrackers and sweets”.

stainless steel fork on brown ceramic plate

This beautiful epic, “Ramayana”, essentially started the traditional belief that – having something sweet will bring positivity and prosperity to all.

The Diwali festival, is the celebration of the return of Lord Rama with his wife, Sita and brother, Laxman, after a legendary victory over the demon king, Ravana.

The return of Lord Rama represents the beginning of happiness after a long period of despair.

It is the victory of good over evil, right over wrong, light over darkness. Diwali is celebrated in honour of this victory.

Diwali celebrations include the bursting of crackers and most essentially distributing sweets, thus spreading happiness.

A simple act of love in the form of distributing sweets rises

above the diversity of the entire country.

cooked food and gold-colored saucer

Madhuram Sweets”

helps people carry on this tradition

of “distributing sweets and happiness”.

 “Madhuram Sweets” is a “Food Paradise”.

This sweet shop is almost 4 decades old.

Their supreme quality, neat and clean customer service, helped them achieve huge success and fame.

“Madhuram Sweets” is now well known for its hygienic and tasty Sweets & Namkeens, not only in Indore but also throughout India.

The hard work and dedication of the three brothers – Shri Shyam Sharma, Shri Gopal Sharma and Shri Prahlad Sharma made ” Madhuram Sweets” successful and famous.

Madhuram sweets serve an amazing and delicious variety of Indian sweets and tangy-savoury snacks.

The best part is that these items are prepared using quality ingredients. And hygiene is given utmost preference.

It has an outstanding line-up of original and innovative sweets.

As per the climate and festival season, they invent innovative sweets & namkeens to match the flavours and tastes of their customers.

As “Ganesh Utsav” is on its way, you will find a variety of modaks of different flavours available at “ Madhuram Sweets”.


Their well-known and mouth-watering menu includes-

1. Dry fruit sweets –

Kaju katli, dry fruit halwa, pistachio rolls, Fig rolls are the best dry fruit sweets.

Variety of Brown Nuts on Brown Wooden Panel High-angle Photo

Madhuram Sweets

2. Bengali sweets

Rasgulla, Mango rasgulla, Rose rasgulla, Pineapple rasgulla, Sandesh, Lychee Sandesh, Rajbhog, Malai sandwiches are innovative and tasty.

Madhuram Sweets

3. Mawa sweets –

Mawa Baati , Malpua , Kesar peda , Makkhan bada and the juicy Gulab Jamuns.

Fried Egg on Stainless Steel Bowl

4. Ghee laden sweets-

Special Boondi laddoo, Feni, Sohan papdi, Sohan roll, Rajasthani favourite Ghewar, Balushahi etc.

5. Sugar-free sweets

Anjeer Halwa , Kalakand and Pedas.

6. Savory dry snacks/ Namkeens –

Indori Khatta meetha mixture, Methi Sev, chana dal masala, Sabudana mixture, Shahi Dal Moth, Roasted Cashew, Fried Cashew, Roasted Badam, Badam Fry and Badam Lachcha.

Madhuram Namkeen

7. Snacks menu –

They serve Pure Vegetarian food.

Street food like – Pani puri to Chinese all is available under one roof.

Samosas, Kachoris, Dhoklas, Sabudana vadas, Fariyali Sabudana Khichdi, and a wide range of dosas and Pav Bhaji. 

Madhuram Special
Gallery Image

8. Shikanji-

The “Must Have” item is “Shikanji.”

“Shikanji” is a nourishing Indori Dry fruit drink!!

Madhuram Special

Shikanji is – thick and creamy combinations of milk mixed with dry fruits and spices like and jaiphal (nutmeg) javitri (mace). And topped it with a dash of bright orange shreds of saffron.

This drink is served chilled.

This Shikanji is a tasty innovation and can be relished especially during the scorching summer heat.

After drinking a glass of Shikanji, the taste and happiness of this sweet drink linger in your mouth for a long time.

As these above items are so famous , there are many actors who come to “Madhuram Sweets” to satisfy their taste buds.

If you are in Indore , and want to have tasty and hygienic food, “Madhuram Sweets” is the place to be.

Madhuram Sweets



Madhuram Sweets


56, 56 Dukan St,

56 Dukan,

Chappan  Dukan,

 New Palasia,


 Madhya Pradesh – 452001.

Website:   http://www.madhuramsweets.com/


  1. I will recommend everyone to go to this shop in Indore at 56 dukan.
    Food is excellent. Not just the food hospitality is a step above
    My favorite gulab jamun 😊

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