5 Famous Coffee Places In Pune

Pune is known for its calm and relaxed lifestyle. Well-known for its 1-4 pm – “Naptime”.

With the IT industry booming in Pune, and Pune University, a lot of students and youngsters, from all across the world, have migrated to Pune.

Thus, Coffee too started gaining popularity in Pune.

” Coffee ” is one of the most popular beverages after tea.

After a long working day, a nice hot cup of coffee is relieving and relaxing.

A cup of coffee, contains, high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients.

These antioxidants help our body fight inflammation and protects the body cells from getting damaged.

Coffee also contains Chlorogenic Acid. This acid is an important antioxidant, that helps prevent any cardiovascular disease.

Coffee contains Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), Manganese and potassium and Magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3). These are beneficial nutrients needed by our body.

So, grab your cup of coffee from one of these 5 famous coffee places in Pune!

1.    Vaishali Restaurant

Vaishali Hotel Website

“The Filter Coffee” at Vaishali is a must-have.

Vaishali is well-known for its authentic filter coffee. The coffee is perfectly brewed and has a beautiful balance between bitter and sweet. And the best part is that they serve it in a medium-sized drinking glass.

Close-Up Photo of Coffee On Table

Vaishali is also known for its South Indian dishes and Indian snacks like “Chaat”. So, it’s a restaurant that’s always buzzing. And has now become a hangout place for most people.

Even if you do not get a seat inside, as Vaishali is always crowded, you can see people standing outside the hotel. And piping hot glasses of the famous “Filter Coffees” are served outside too.

Vaishali Restaurant, located on Fergusson College Road, is a landmark in Pune.

As it is located on Fergusson College Road, it attracts a lot of college students.

At Vaishali, the atmosphere is youthful and the prices are reasonable.

It has continuously grown, concerning space, ambience and food items. Every facility has added to the pride of the restaurant.

It has a garden restaurant and a cosy rooftop corner.

Website: http://www.vaishalihotel.in/restaurant.html

2.    Durga café

Cafe Durga Website

The “Frothy Cold Coffee” at Durga café is refreshing and tasty.

The “Cold Coffee” is served in a nice tall drinking glass, decorated with chocolate syrup.

This famous cold coffee is made with milk, cocoa powder, coffee powder, a few drops of maple syrup and chocolate syrup.

 “Frothy Cold Coffee” with “Masala Pav”  is my favourite combination.

Cafe Durga Website

Café Durga is the most recognized coffee brand in Pune.

It has become one of the leading foodservice retailers in Pune.

Café Durga has many branches in Pune and all around Maharashtra.

Café Durga keeps adding new flavours and dishes to their menu.

Website:  http://durgacafe.com/

3.    Coffee House

 “Coffee House” is famous for its hot cup of coffee, prepared in a traditional South Indian style.

This hot cup of coffee is made of freshly ground coffee and hence has a very refreshing and soothing taste.

Coffee House is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune.

It is located exactly, opposite the SGS Mall, M.G Road, Camp.

The Camp area is well known for shopping. “Coffee House” has been an enduring fixture for people to relax with their authentic and traditional cup of coffee and some snacks, after the shopping.

This restaurant offers a variety of food items ranging from South Indian, Punjabi & Chinese.

As it is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune, Coffee House has a classic vibe and an old-world charm associated with it.

The classic and comfortable seating arrangements, lighting, faint background music, and a good menu makes it a “nostalgic” place. Old is gold.

Even today at rush hours, the restaurant is packed and seating is not readily available. That itself shows how famous “Coffee House” is!

Doesn’t have a website.

Location: 2, Moledina Grant Rd, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.

4.    Wadeshwar Restaurant

person holding clear drinking glass with brown liquid

“Wadeshwar” is the best place to have coffee, in Pune.

It serves filter coffee, espresso coffee, cappuccino coffee – sprinkled with cinnamon powder and cold coffee.

All the coffee varieties served in this restaurant are amazing and has a good value for money.

Wadeshwar is famous for its South Indian dishes and other Indian snacks.

The first “Wadeshwar hotel”, is located near Fergusson College, on F. C. Road. Now they have many branches across Pune.

Website: https://www.wadeshwar.com/FCroad

5. Cafe Peter Donuts

Peter Donuts is a posh-red café, which serves a wide range of coffee and coffee products.

If you wish to relax in a cosy place with a steaming cup of coffee and a book to read, or if you like to meet up with your friends over delicious snacks and piping hot coffee, Cafe Peterdonuts is the place to be!

Café Peterdonuts even provides free and fast Wi-Fi.

Café Peterdonuts serves a fusion of Indian, Korean and British snacks/food, that goes well with coffee.

Its menu consists of a variety of hot and cold coffee options.

Café Peterdonuts has many branches in Pune.

I mostly visit Café Peterdonuts, in Aundh. It has a nice ambience and a good place to relax and have a nice hot cup of cappuccino.

Website: http://www.cafepeter.in/

Red Neon Signage

The best part about coffee is, that, it can be consumed hot and cold, depending on the weather.

If it’s cold outside or raining, a nice hot cup of coffee helps beat the chilly weather.

If it’s too hot, grab a glass of cold coffee!


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