5 Benefits Of Writing

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In our childhood days, we all had this simple practice of writing a diary or a journal in school.

A diary or a journal was used to write down the homework and important notes. It may also have some bullet points or a things-to-do list.

Human beings are social animals, and we love to communicate with each other.

Nowadays, you can see a wide range of social media applications, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, being used to communicate with the world.

Before these social media applications, landline telephones and mailing, like emails were used for communication.

Before the discovery of computers and telephones, writing letters was the only way of communication.

Even while using social media, the main interaction or communication involves text messages or “writing”.

I got into writing with the help of my husband,” Gaurav Shrotriya” and my sister–in–law, “Pratibha Tiwari”.

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My husband helps me with the IT part, like developing this blog site and encourages me in reading books and topics that would help me grow as a “blogger” and a “writer”. He even suggests topics for this site. His motivation is precious!

I took up a few “Creative Writing” courses from “Udemy”. These courses were suggested by Pratibha Di. She has also written a book,

“Be Your Own Coach”.

She inspired me to write a few blogs for her website : https://designsuperdestiny.com/

To Inspire You To Write More, Here Are My 5 Benefits Of Writing:

1.Write down your ideas or thoughts

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Ideas pop up in our minds, out of nowhere, and you will be likely to forget about them later.

Ideas can come to your mind anywhere and anytime. But as you continue with your daily routine you eventually forget the idea or procrastinate it.

We process an insane amount of information every day due to social media. We are certain to forget most of the ideas, and that includes some excellent, amazing and precious ideas.

When you write down your ideas, you are saving them from being lost. You can refer to these ideas can be later and it will become easier for you to develop them and connect them with one another. You can even come up with new ideas through researching more on the topic the “idea” is based on.

I always have a “To-Do–List” diary for my everyday work to be done, and a blog journal where I note down about an interesting quote, or a topic or a thought, which I relate to in my blogs.

You always have a mobile and can make notes on it. But, writing it down in a separate book, makes it easier to refer to and works wonders!

The coordination between the thought in the mind and the hand while writing helps in affirming or completing the work or the idea.

Carrying a book, or a diary or a journal with you, to write down your ideas is a good idea!

2. Improves Your Writing Skills and Vocabulary

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While writing, you become more cautious in choosing the right words. This makes your writing material more expressive, brief, and sophisticated than the actual speech.

Choosing the right words is essential for expressing the feelings or scenarios in your blogs or your writing material. These words make the reader more engrossed and captivated by your story.

To make your writing material more meaningful, you will search for the right word, or a synonym or an antonym of a word, thus enhancing your vocabulary.

New words add more meaning to your writing !

3. Writing leads to better communication skills

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While writing you come to know new words and ways to express your thoughts and views clearly. As writng exposes you to new words and pharases , it makes your writng interesting and impressive.

When you inculcate the habit of writing daily, many of your words, phrases, and sentences used in your writings will begin to find their way into your talks or verbal communication.

Having good communication skills will not only impress your listener but it is also the most essential skill required in today’s corporate world.

It will help you to be a good speaker and narrator!

4. Writing leads to better learning

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While writing, we research about the topic. We try to simplify the information related to the topic and add in our own understanding and experience related to the topic.

While researching and collecting information, we come across the sub-topics of the main topic. Sometimes, we may come across a piece of information completely different or interlinked to our main topic.

The information gathered for writing stays with us because we are trying to learn and understand the topic in brief.

To create interesting written work a certain discipline and planning is required. This makes a writer, focused and receptive towards finding new sources of inspiration, information and insight.

Writing allows you to go back into your life’s experiences, which bring in the old memories, old thoughts, which helps in developing and connecting the old and new ideas on a bigger scale.

Many writers just start with a paragraph, which leads them to write to an essay, which leads to several blogs or articles, which then leads to a book.

Small steps lead to big destinations!

5. Boosts your Imagination and Creativity

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Depending on how and how much you use your creativity, it can increase or decrease.

Exposing yourself to diverse topics or ideas and being curious to know more, makes you more conscious about the world.

Choosing to go through topics of interest is interesting and easy. But, going through topics that are not of your interest is also important. You may never know it might interest you!

Reading books, watching informational videos, listening to podcasts, observing your surroundings, being in touch with daily NEWS, enables you to imagine on a wider spectrum.

Creativity is a mixture of knowledge and imagination power!

For starters here is an activity for you:

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Step 1

Dedicate 10 minutes in a day for your writing. Stick to your timings set for writing.

Step 2

Use a book/journal/ diary for your writing activity.

Start writing. Writing with your hand will help your brain to process your thoughts or ideas better.

Step 3

Keep writing for 10 minutes –  repetition of thoughts/ ideas, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors all is fine, do not stop writing.

Step 4

As you follow this activity daily, you will notice that your ideas are flowing down on the paper.

Happy writing!

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