Welcome to “dreamzandexperiences!!”

I am Sapana Shrotriya. My name means a “dream” and hence the name. I am 80’s kid.

My birthday is in May, so my zodiac sign is “Taurus”. And like a true taurean, I am loyal, independent, determined and off course, stubborn.

I am a school teacher. I teach Science and English subjects.

Being an English teacher, reading and writing have become a part of my life .

As I love reading novels, story books, magazines and blogs, it inspired me to write about my dreams, my aspirations and my experiences.

Reading makes you aware of others lives and their experiences .

I hope, that after you read my blogs, you get a glimpse into my world.

My interests will give you an idea about me:

My interests are:

Reading – I love reading mythological books

Gardening – I have created a small balcony garden at home

Watching movies/ TV shows – I love watching Bollywood masala movies and prefer comedy TV shows.

Dancing – I learnt Salsa and Bachata

Learning new languages – I can speak in Gujarati (my mother tongue), Hindi, Marathi, English and a little bit of French.

Travelling – I have started travelling more after my marriage. So, exploring!

As life is like a movie, my blogs too will give you a peep into my world, which is a mixture of all emotions and drama. And I proudly confess, I am a “Drama queen”. (wink)

My Blog Logo

The colour “Blue” represents imagination, inspiration, open spaces , freedom and intuition.

The “Circle” represents wholeness – a universal symbol.

So my “Blog Logo” consists of “Blue Colour” and “Concentric Circles”.

“Dreamzandexperiences”, as the name suggests, will give you a glimpse into my dreams, my interests, my aspirations, my inspirations and my experiences.

Like a movie ending, I hope my blogs too, will give you a smile and some entertainment.

And as a wise person said,” Life is simple”.