10 Popular and Famous Words Puneri People Use.


When it comes to sarcasm and wit, Pune’s local lingo takes centre stage.

Punekars have a unique way of expressing themselves, and their phrases are an essential part of the city’s culture.

If you’re new in town or simply want to immerse yourself in Pune’s linguistic charm, here are some Puneri phrases you need to know.

From exaggerated expressions to playful banter, these phrases will introduce you to the humour and sarcasm that Pune is renowned for.

funny puneri pati


One phrase you’ll often hear from Punekars is “aawraa,” which means “move or work faster.”

However, Punekars use it playfully to exaggerate any situation, adding a touch of dramatic flair to everyday conversations.


When you want someone to stop talking, just say “barrr.”

This simple phrase is a gentle way of telling them “ok” now be quiet and is often used in light-hearted moments among friends.


To humorously acknowledge someone’s show-off behaviour, Punekars say “Hawaa.”

It’s their way of playfully commenting on someone’s extravagant actions or inflated ego.


Punekars use the term “kadak” to describe something great or fascinating.

Whether it’s a remarkable place or a delicious dish, “kadak” is their way of highlighting its excellence.

Lai Bhaari:

The phrase “Lai Bhaari” translates to “simply awesome” or “fantastic.”

It’s a go-to expression to show admiration or approval for something impressive, capturing the essence of Pune’s vibrant language.

Matter Zhalay:

Matter Zhalay” is a phrase used when there’s a significant problem or trouble.

It signifies that a situation has become challenging or complicated, and it adds a touch of dramatic flair to conversations.


To join the fun-loving gang of college-goers, use the phrase “Full Radaach.”

It means embracing a carefree and wild attitude, indicating readiness for exciting experiences and adventures.


When it’s time to split bills or expenses, Punekars often use “TTMM” (Tujha Tu Majha Mi).

This phrase indicates a fair sharing of costs, reflecting the resourcefulness and practicality of Pune’s college students.


For a humorous twist, you can try “TTMT” (Tujha Tu Majhahi Tu), which implies that the other person should cover your expenses too.

It’s a playful way of teasing and lightening the mood during financial discussions.


When something is superb, great, or fantastic, something that is extra than the ordinary, Punekars use the word “vaadhiv.”

This versatile term encompasses a range of positive expressions, allowing them to convey their enthusiasm and appreciation effectively.


Pune’s Puneri phrases are a window into the city’s sarcasm, wit, and unique humour. These expressions reflect the linguistic charm of Punekars.

By familiarizing yourself with these phrases, you’ll be able to navigate Pune’s conversations and experience the city’s vibrant culture.

So, embrace the wit and sarcasm, and let these Puneri phrases become your guide to unlocking the linguistic richness that Pune has to offer.

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