Did you see a feather today?

Feathers are so beautiful to watch. It feels relaxing to observe, the soft and light feathers floating in the air.

Feather has a mystical and magical feel to it. Many cultures consider feathers as a signal of a special message from the divine.

Since time immemorial, people have always considered “Birds” as holy sacred creatures. As birds can fly close to the heavens, their feathers are considered messages or blessings from the divine/ universe.

Finding feathers was always considered a sign of good luck. It was like a connection with the spirit world. If you see ancient pictures, you will see people used feathers in their garments. They wore it as a sign that divine universal presence was watching over them.

So next time when you see a “Feather”, consider it a sacred gift or a message from the universe. It is a sign from the heavens that they are listening to your prayers, wishes, and desires.

The feather is the symbol of affirmation for you, that someone in the spirit world is looking out for you. You are protected, you are safe and you are receiving positive energy to go ahead in life.

If you see a feather next time, it’s a sign that your angel is near you and they are reminding you that you are precious and special.

Colours of the Feathers and their Meanings.

White Feather: Angels are here, make a wish.

Grey Feather: Release the past, peace is coming.

Yellow Feather: You are on the right path.

Red Feather: Acquire Spiritual knowledge.

Black Feather: You are protected.

Brown Feather: Pause, wait for clarity and do not take hasty decisions.

Blue Feather: Tune into your strong psychic powers.

Pink Feather: Love is in the air, good news.

As the proverb says :

Birds of a feather flock together ,

you too will start looking at the feathers as a sign from the Universe.

After reading this blog, which adjectives will come to your mind

when you hear the word “Feathers”?

Do let me know, in the comments section below.

Life is Simple.


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