6 Reasons Why I Love my Husband.

Why do you love your spouse?

I love my husband, but writing down the reasons why I love him is a challenge.

18th November is his birthday and I thought of writing a blog, dedicated to him …as a …BIRTHDAY SURPRISE.

But, Why and What I love about him, is hard to put down in words.

“Why” you love someone can be one of the hardest questions to answer. Words just don’t seem enough to express the gratitude, kindness, hardships, fights and most importantly the laughs and the sheer joy we have shared with our loved ones.

But I thought that by giving him reasons for why I love him can be much more powerful.

Using adjectives like compassionate, funny, great, kind, and smart, seem okay… because that could be anyone else from your friend circle and these reasons sound boring and lame.

So I started making notes of the small things that he does for me daily, which I feel is more precious than any piece of jewellery.

So here are some of the reasons why I love my husband.

I hope this blog inspires you to make a list of your reasons: Why do you love your spouse?

6 Reasons Why I Love My Scorpion Husband

1. He looks after the house

I am a school teacher. And my husband works from home.

I leave home at 6.55 am to reach school. As he is at home, both of my helpers can come home to clean the house. He makes sure that the helpers clean the house well. He even makes sure that the cook has prepared food properly.

Whenever I reach home, the house is clean and I have food ready for me to eat.

So, I am grateful that he looks after the house when I am at work. 

2. He gently suggests ways for me to do better.

This blog site wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have him by my side. He helped me design the website.

He even suggested some of the good Content Writing Courses, that I did, to improve my content writing skills.

He has really helped me understand how the digital world works from scratch.

He has made me download social media apps, and made me use them. I was hesitant to use social media apps , because I didn’t know how to use it and felt that people would judge me based on the way I used the social media apps.

I have made mistakes , created many blunders , but now I feel confident to use any app. Thanks to him.

3. He supports me in everything I like to do.

During the pandemic, when we all were home, I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos to pass time.

I got hooked on watching all Tarot videos. I was and am fascinated with how much Tarot cards can reveal the truth and predict the future.

I thought of learning Tarot. He wholeheartedly supported me during my online Tarot classes.

And now I am a “Certified Tarot Reader”.

As he is also into “Meditation and Spirituality” he gives me tips and ideas to enhance my Tarot knowledge.

4. He helps me achieve my goals and celebrates my achievements

I was never a tech-savvy person. But today, I look into:

This website


2 Instagram accounts

@dreamzandexperiences for Blogs

@dream_with_tarot for Tarot Readings

private Facebook account and a

Facebook page for my blogs.


He encourages me to explore the apps required to advertise my blogs. This helps me share my blogs worldwide, which improves my website algorithm.

A few days back, 2 reels from my Instagram accounts reached 10,000 + views. (I am just starting my journey so it’s a big deal for me), as I have a sweet tooth, we surprised me with a pastry to celebrate this achievement.

5.   He always clicks my pictures

Most of you may relate to this!!!

He hates clicking his pictures. But as I need to put up my pictures for my blogs to make them more authentic and appealing, he HAS to click my pictures.

Sometimes he gets so frustrated clicking the same view from different angles, but I know he does it just for me.  And I must agree that the pictures which he clicks get more likes compared to the ones I click.

I hope this motivates him to click more pictures. (hihihi)

Same picture different pose.


6. He helps me grow spiritually

The people who know me for a long time will agree that I have changed a lot. (if you agree send a “Hi” in the comments section below).

We all have come to this world to connect and help each other to be our higher selves.

Show kindness, be grateful, lend a helping hand, appreciate others’ victories and cleanse the negativity around us.

Whenever I get too involved with my gadgets and worldly life, he makes sure I meditate for more time during that day, thus making sure I connect to my higher self. This helps me get a clear vision of my life.

Happy Birthday Gaurav and thank you for being in my life.

“I love you,

and that’s the beginning

and end of everything.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Captured him for life.


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