5 Sweets for Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is observed across the country every year. Huge pandals are put up across cities to welcome the lord.

It is believed that Lord Ganesha enjoys feasting on sweets, so sweets are a huge part of this festival.

This Ganesh Chaturthi offer these 5 sweets to Lord Ganesha and receive special blessings from him.

1. Kesar Motichur Ladoo –

Did you know …. that, there is a story related to Lord Ganesha and “Ladoo”?

The story begins with Kubera, who is the richest amongst the Gods too. He was proud of his wealth and tried to show it off in every way possible.

Kubera once invited Lord Shiva intending to show off his newly built palace. The palace was made of gold. Lord Shiva, at once realized the arrogance of Kubera.

So, Lord Shiva decided to send his son, Lord Ganesha, is this grand occasion.

When Lord Ganesha reached the palace, Kubera started showing off the precious things in his palace. But, Lord Ganesha wasn’t impressed. He was only interested in knowing what was there to eat.

Kubera bragged about all the dishes, which were prepared to serve thousands of guests.

Lord Ganesha started enjoying the food served. He had eaten all the cooked food, but his hunger could not be satisfied.

So, Lord Ganesha then started eating the raw vegetables and other raw food in the kitchen. Soon the raw food too got over. Then, Lord Ganesha started eating the gold plates and gold utensils in the kitchen.

Kubera was shocked and clueless. He realized that Lord Ganesha would eat up all his wealth.

Seeing this, Kubera immediately rushed to Lord Shiva to tell him about the havoc created by Lord Ganesha.

Lord Shiva, smiled and gave Kubera a “Ladoo”, which was prepared by Goddess Parvati, and asked him to serve it to Lord Ganesha.

Kuber returned to his palace and served the “Ladoo” to Lord Ganesha. After eating the “Ladoo” he was satisfied and so left the palace.

From that day onwards, devotees started serving “Ladoos” to Lord Ganesha to keep troubles out of their life.

It is believed that serving “Ladoos” to Lord Ganesha helps you acquire wisdom and enhances your Career Growth.

2. Kheer / Rice Pudding –

Once, Lord Ganesha took the form of a little boy and went around a village with one spoon of milk and a handful of rice.

He went door to door asking people to use his ingredients and prepare Rice Pudding / Kheer for him. But, everyone laughed at him and didn’t prepare Kheer for him.

Finally, outside the village, a poor old lady was living in a worn-out hut. Lord Ganesha repeated his request.

The old lady was generous and so started preparing Kheer for him. Lord Ganesha was very happy and impressed by the old lady’s kindness.

When Lord Ganesha touched the Kheer, the Kheer increased in quantity, and the whole village could eat the Kheer.

Lord Ganesha blessed the old lady with wealth and success.

It is believed that if you serve Kheer to Lord Ganesha you will be blessed with Beauty.

3. Jaggery Modak –

One day all the Gods decided to pay their respects to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. So, they went to Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva’s abode.

They took with them specially prepared sweets called “Modaks” to present to Goddess Parvati. Both Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya, who were playing nearby, started demanding for sweets.

Mother Parvati wanted both of them to understand the importance of Modaks. She told them that this special sweet is prepared by using unique ingredients. She even told them that, the one who eats it will attain immortality and become greater in knowledge, art and literature.

Both the kids hearing this didn’t want to share the sweet Modak. So, the parents decided to give the Modaks, to the one who proves his worth.

They arranged for a competition. Both the kids had to go around the world thrice. Whoever finished the three rounds first would get the delicious Modaks.

Lord Kartikeya, with his sense of morality, instantaneously took off his peacock, worshipped all gods and goddesses and started his journey to win the competition.

Lord Ganesha on the other hand, got worried about his stout appearance and his vehicle, the mouse. He got a brilliant idea!!!

He asked his parents to allow him to circle around them thrice, as they were his sole universe. Lord Ganesha quickly circled around his parents thrice, thereby showcasing his utmost level of devotion and humbleness.

Pleased by his actions, his parents declared that Lord Ganesha won the contest and hence could have the sweet Modaks.

This story shows us that, using wisdom at the right time and respecting your parents can make you gain rewarding results. Delighted by his intelligence, the gods appointed Lord Ganesha as the “Leader of the Ganas”.

It is believed that by serving Lord Ganesha with Modaks you will experience Financial Growth.

4. Puffed Rice –

Lord Ganesha is as kind and loving towards the poor as he is to the rich.

Puffed rice, is cheaply available, and is quite delicious. Puffed rice is mixed with jaggery and made into small rounds like ladoos.

These Puffed Rice Ladoos are not only delicious but even healthy.

If you serve “Puffed Rice Ladoos” to Lord Ganesha you will be blessed with a peaceful family environment.

5. Jaggery Malpua / Pancake –

Indian food is relished for its diversity of flavours and regional cuisine.

Malpua, an Indian dessert, is the oldest Indian mithai/ sweet.

Malpua is a famous sweet in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Malpuas look like small pancakes made with all-purpose flour or wheat flour. They are deep fried in pure desi ghee and then soaked in sugar syrup.

In India, malpuas are generally served with chopped dry fruits and rabri (another Indian sweet made of milk) as toppings.

The first reference to malpua was made in the Rigveda, as ‘Apupa’. Rigveda is the oldest of the four Vedas. Rigveda mentions the recipe for “Apupa”.

Barley flour was used to make flat cakes, deep fried in ghee and then dipped in honey before serving.

During the 2nd Century, “Apupa” or “Malpua” was modified and was made with wheat flour, milk, sugar, cardamom, clarified butter, pepper and ginger.

Today, “Malpua” is a popular sweet dish that you can easily find in all the Indian states and is generally made at home on festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Eid.

Across India, it has different names and methods of preparation, but the dish’s essence lies in its universal unbeatable flavour.

It is believed that when you serve “Malpua” to Lord Ganesha you will be blessed with the desired spouse and removes any hurdles you are facing in your marriage.

These 5 Sweets will not only satisfy

Lord Ganesha’s taste buds

but will also bring peace and

satisfaction to your life.

!! Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah !!


  1. Interesting stories of Ganeshas sweets. I was aware of the stories behind modaks and ladoos. Others were new to me.
    when someone offers certain sweetsnow I know the devotees demand from Ganesha

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