From a Bowl to a Sage – Bhartrinath /Bhartarinath / Raja Bhartari / Bhartṛhari

Once in the evening, the Sun god and Urvashi, a celestial beauty, glanced at each other.

Seeing her beauty, Surya, the Sun God, got attracted to her body, in the process his semen fell from the sky.

The wind god split it into two parts. One part fell into the Lomesh Rishi’s ashram, from which sage Agastya was born.

The second part fell in sage Kaulik’s ashram. At that time, he was going out to beg so he was closing the door in the courtyard. The second part of the semen fell directly into his begging bowl.

Sage Kaulik understood that realized the semen belonged to the sun. And after 3103 years, a noble soul will incarnate in this bowl. So, he kept the begging bowl carefully.

As time passed, the sage took the bowl and kept it at the mouth of a cave.  It was time for the noble soul to enter the bowl.

The baby was slowly growing. After 9 months his size began to increase. The baby being a noble soul would be as bright as the sun.

The baby came out of the bowl and started crying. At the same time, a deer came to graze near the cave. The deer was pregnant and soon gave birth to two cute cubs.

When the deer looked at her cubs, she saw three babies instead of two. She took all the three babies and took care of them.

So, the baby spent 7 years with the deer.

One day, a couple was wandering near the forest. They saw the 7-year-old boy. As they didn’t have any kids they took the boy home.

The couple took care of the baby well and named him “Bhartari”.

When “Bhartari” turned 16, he lost both his parents.

As he was a noble soul he decided to undergo his spiritual journey. “Bhartari” through his spiritual awakening met Lord Dattatreya.

Lord Dattatreya made “Bhartari” his disciple and gave him the knowledge of the “Nath Sampradaya”. He also included him in the Nath sect.

After imparting knowledge, Lord Dattatreya along with “Bhartari” went to Badrikashram. Here he told “Bhartari” to undergo penance for 12 years.

 After this “Bhartari” became “Bhartarinath” and started spreading the knowledge of the “Nath Sect”.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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