9 Strong Saints and their Brilliant Birth Stories.

“Navnath” is a term used to denote the “9 Saints”.

Lord Dattatreya is the guru/ teacher of the “9 Saints”, the “Navnath”.

Lord Dattatreya, is the union of the powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva together. That is why Lord Dattatreya is depicted with a single body and 3 heads of the trinity.

“Navnath Pothi” also known as “Navnath Bhaktisar” is a book dedicated to the “Navnath”, the nine great saints.

Navnath Bhaktisar Book.

This book comprises 40 chapters. It gives you detailed knowledge about the births, lives, and deeds of the “Navnath” saints.

“Navnath Pothi” has been written in the Marathi language because the Navnath Saints are mostly worshipped in the state of Maharashtra, India.

It is said that if you read this holy book in a specific manner, it will benefit your mind, your body and your soul.

In the epic, Mahabharata, it is believed that Lord Krishna had called for a meeting of angels and saints.

Lord Krishna and Arjuna

In this meeting, Lord Krishna had said that he would send his light/ knowledge in the form of nine saints, the “Navnath”. These saints would spread the message of Love.

Lord Krishna had further said that these nine saints or the “ Navnath” would help only those who are true believers of god and have good souls.

The Names of 9 Saints or “Navnath” are:

“Nath Sampradaya” is well known all around the world.

These “9 Saints” the “Navnath” are still very popular and religiously worshipped in the state of Maharashtra, India.

1. Machindranath / Matsyendranath

“Machhindranath” is believed to be, the first “Nath” or “Saint” to receive knowledge from Lord Dattatreya, under the guidance of Shiva. He learnt about – “The Science and Teaching of Yoga.”

“Machhindranath” got this name as he was born from the fish. (“Machhi” means “a fish”).

2. Gorakshanath / Gorakhnath

“Gorakhnath” became a true devotee of his guru “Machhindranath”. He would always be by the side of his guru.

He became a learned saint and is considered to be a “Maha-Yogi”. “Maha- Yogi” means a “Great Yogi”.

“Gorakhnath” teachings were based on “Searching for Truth”. He preached that “Spiritual Life” should be and is the most valuable goal of man.

“Gorakhnath’s” thoughts, ideas and yogic teachings are highly popular in rural India.

There are many monasteries and temples dedicated to “Gorakhnath”.

3. Gahininath / Gehininath

A baby was born out of a mud statue made by ” Gorakhnath”. This baby was named “Gahininath”.

When “Gahininath” was almost 12 years, he was trained by “Gorakshanath”. After his training, he too started spreading the message of the “Nath Sampradaya”.

“Gahininath” was also called “Gahini Peer” by his Muslim followers.

4. Jalandharnath / Jalandernath

“Lord Dattatreya” trained “Jalandar” for 12 years to enlighten him. The Lord then preached the special mantra in his ear.

It is believed that the moment the mantra touched Jalandar’s ear his ignorance vanished and he attained spirituality.

He became a member of the “Nath Sect” and was called “Jalandarnath”.

5. Kanifnath / Kanhoba

“Lord Shiva” along with the “fire god” and his son, ” Jalandarnath” went to the Himalayas. There they saw a huge elephant who had become wild and crazy. They all started thinking about how to get closer to the elephant.

“Jalandarnath” used the “Mohini Vidya” known as the “Hypnotism technique” to subdue the elephant.  The elephant became very quiet and calm.

As soon as “Jalandarnath” went closer to the elephant’s ear he saw a 16-year-old boy, come out of the elephant’s ear.

This boy was named “Kanifnath”. He gained knowledge from” Jalandarnath”. He too started spreading the knowledge of the “Nath Sampradaya”.

6. Bhartrinath /Bhartarinath /Raja Bhartari/ Bhartṛhari

One day, a couple was wandering near the forest. They saw the 7-year-old boy. As they didn’t have any kids they took the boy home.

The couple took care of the baby well and named him “Bhartari”.

When “Bhartari” turned 16, he lost both his parents.

7. Revananath /Revan Siddh /Kada Siddha / Ravalanath

A man came to drink water from the Reva river. He saw the baby crying and so decided to take him home. His wife was overjoyed to see the baby and started taking care of the baby.

They named the baby ‘Revannath’ as they found him on the banks of the river Reva.

8. Naganath /Nageshnath / Vatsiddhi Nag Nath

The serpent, after nine months, laid an egg in the tree trunk.

“Avihotra Narayana”, a part of Lord Narayan, entered into the egg. The body grew and the egg began to hatch. The baby soon began to cry when it came out of the egg.

A poor brahmin heard the crying voice of the baby. He picked up the baby from the tree and took him home.

As he was born out of a serpent (nag), he was named “Naganath”.

9. Charpatinath / Charpatakshnath

A man named “Satyashrava”, at lord Narada’s request went to find this baby on the banks of the river Bhagirathi. He saw a crying baby and he immediately took the baby home. “Satyashrava” named the baby ‘Charpati’.

When “Charpati” was about 12 years of age, he ran away from home because he had an argument with his father.

“Charpati” reached Badrikashram. Here he met “Machhindranath” and “Lord Dattatreya”.


Navnath Kathasar Book.

These were the nine stories of the birth of nine saints or nine naths called the “Navnath”.

“Navnath Bhaktisar / Kathasar” book comprises all these stories.

 This book will give you information about the biography, the yogic powers possessed by each Nath and many wonderful miraculous stories related to the “Navnath” or the “9 Saints”.

Many other stories related to the “Navnath” are also mentioned in detail in this book.

Alak Niranjan!!!



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