Air: Breathe in Peace and give out Happiness.

“Air” is the most vital element of nature. Air, in Sanskrit, is called “Vayu”. It is also known as “Pranavayu”, which means “air is a life force”.

We check whether a person is alive or dead through his/ her nose. We check whether breathing or the “Air” is still flowing through their body.

The Earth’s atmosphere is Air. Air is a combination of many gases and tiny dust particles.

Air is a combination of about

Nitrogen – 78%

Oxygen – 21%

Argon – 0.9%

Carbon dioxide –  0.04%

Small amounts of other gases – 0.06%

The Air element of nature is the clear gas, which is the most important element needed by living things to live and breathe.

Nature has prepared its way to “Recycle of Air”. Oxygen is a vital component for animals and humans to live. Our lungs take in oxygen and send back carbon dioxide to the air. Plants use the carbon dioxide in the air to prepare their food and live. Plants give off the oxygen that is essential for our living.

Origin of Air

The origin of air is “Sparsha” or “Touch”.

Touch is an experience that is expressed in its subtlest form. Air and touch are inseparable. So, the skin, through which we receive touch, is the sense organ of the element air.

The hands are the “organs of action”, through which we reach out and touch the world. If a person has disorders of tactile perception or has problems related to grasping, it means that the functions of the air element are disturbed.

Quality of Air

Air is cool, clear, dry, flowing, stiff, light, mobile, rough, subtle and sharp.

Although air is subtle, its effects are observable. We can see the trees moving, our breathing process, the air is the form of smell generated while cooking.

Hence, the air is the immediate source of life. Without air, we cannot live and it can lead to a lack of other elements of nature.

Ancient Indian rishis and philosophers stated that air is “Pranavayu”, which means “Air is Life Energy”.

These rishis studied that air according to its direction of movement, can be divided into 5 forms:

Prana – air that moves inward in direction.

Vyana – air that moves in the outward direction.

Udana – air that moves in the upward direction.

Apana – air that moves in the downward direction.

Samana – air that balances and stabilizes the above movements, a force of air that pulls towards the centre.

Hindu Philosophy

In Rigveda, “Vayu” is associated with the winds.

“Vayu Dev” or the “Air God” was the first god to receive the “Soma Ras” or “Holy Immortal Water”, which he shared with “Indra Dev”, the “God of Heaven”.

The hymns suggest that “Air God”/ “Vayu Dev” is “exceptionally beautiful” and is seen moving noisily in his shining coach. He is described as riding on a chariot of white and purple horses.

His main feature is his “white banner”.

He is a fighter, heroic and has the power to destroy.

It also stated that whenever Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth, the “Air God” accompanies him and assists his work of preserving “Dharma”.

In the Treta Yuga, in Ramayana, Hanuman, “Pawan/Vayu Putra” meaning the “son of the air god”, was the friend and helper of Rama.

Set at the end of Dvapara Yuga, in Mahabharata, the strongman Bhīma, was also a “Vayu Putra”.

In the Kali Yuga, Madhvacharya is the third incarnation of Vayu. Madhva showed the verses in Rigveda as proof to declare himself as an incarnation of Vayu.

Air as per Ayurveda

The Air element symbolizes breath, lightness and motion.

When air element in our body is in excess it causes hyperactivity.

When air element in our body is less it causes fatigue.

Consuming foods that have a bitter taste helps maintain the air element in our bodies.

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Air can Purify and Balance your Body.

Oxygen is absorbed from the air you breathe in and gets circulated to all the parts of your body. This process also helps in the purification and cleansing of your body.

Proper way of breathing can be incorporated by doing Pranayama practise as a daily routine. Pranayama helps increase both our inner power and our lightness.

Air is the most powerful element of nature that can be used to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins.

As air fans, the fire element in our body and mind, cleansing of the whole body takes place faster.

Breathing in the pure form of air is essential to our lives; so it is suggested to have open houses with large windows to allow free movement of air.

It is common to burn incense sticks and burn camphor to purify the air around you. By doing this you will be able to hear and feel the air around you better.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale peace and

Exhale happiness.

-A. D. Posey

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