7 Colour Codes for the 7 Days of a Week!!!

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The first question that arises in the morning is: “WHAT DO I WEAR?”

Deciding what to wear each morning is always a difficult task for me.

When your closets are filled with clothes and still you don’t know what to choose to wear is annoying and time-consuming.

Many cultures believe that each day from the 7 days of the week is related to a particular colour derived from a planet or a deity.

While modern science has not yet confirmed the influence of planetary positions on circadian science, it has not opposed or denied the influence either.

Relief is in sight of Vedic astrology!!!

Vedic astrology recommends a daily colour concept for pacifying the planets.

This colour concept can be a helpful tool during a wardrobe crisis.

This Vedic Astrology Colour Concept will not only help you choose clothes to wear faster but also make you look good while cultivating good fortune.

Stars in the Outer Space

“Vedic Astrology”, also known as the “Science of Light”, is one of the six auxiliary disciplines used to support traditional Vedic rituals.

“Vedic Astrology” was invented in India. It can explain your planetary patterns that occurred at the exact time and place of your birth. With this information, they would and can advise individuals about how their lives will unfold.

The birth chart predicts your strengths and weaknesses. By knowing this information, you can know yourself better and can tap into your maximum potential.

In addition to what your chart tells you, many rituals and traditions can be carried out to pacify your planet.

According to “Vedic Astrology”, each day of the week has an equivalent planet.

As per the ancient Indian texts, each planet corresponds to a particular day, colour and gem.

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In India, Ayurveda and astrology followers proclaim that each day of the week has a corresponding planet.

According to Ayurveda, each planet has a specific influence on your mind, body, emotions and soul.

As per Ayurveda, if we want to attract the positive influences of each planet, we need to be in touch with the colour equivalent of that planet on the said day.

By following the colours of the week associated with the planets, you will align yourself to connect to the subtle powers of the planetary influences and gain their blessings.

7 Colour Codes

The Queen of Thailand used to wear coloured dresses related to the “colour of the day”. This practice is still followed by some Thai people even today.


In the olden days, Thai astrologers would suggest the colours of the week to soldiers going to war, as these colours had the power to bring them good luck.

According To Hindu Traditions, Here Are The Colours For The 7 Days Of The Week.


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Colour of the day: Orange

Ruler: Sun

Stone: Ruby, Red Spinel, Bloodstone

On Sunday people wear Red coloured clothes and even offer red flowers to Surya or the Sun God.

In India, Red is believed to be an auspicious colour.

Sunday represents the “Sun”.

The Sun is the “Reflection of the Soul”.

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Hence, Sunday is considered the day for “Spiritual quests”.

The vibrant energy of the Sun can be absorbed on Sundays by the hues of Orange.

You can also start your Sunday morning with Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations.

Sunday is associated with the Sun, hence the colours preferred on this day are bright. Orange, red, yellow also pink and maroon are the colours for Sunday.

In Vedic culture, paying your respects to the Sun is considered a boon to boost positive energy and health.

So, on Sundays “Be your own Sunshine”, by wearing Orange and spread your rays of happiness.



Ruler: Moon

Colour: White

Stone: Pearl, Conch, Moonstone

As per Hinduism, people who fast on Monday, wear White coloured clothes.

Lord Shiva is the deity associated with Monday. Lord Shiva adorns the moon on his tresses.


Lord Shiva is also called “Karpura Gauram Karunavtaram”,

because of his White Pure Colour.

Karpūra gauraṁ means “the one who is as pure and white as Karpur (camphor)”.

Karuāvatāra means “the epitome of kindness”.

Monday is also associated with the Moon, so the colours for Monday are white, silver, light grey or blue.

The moon supports our emotional body and honours our “feminine energy or yin energy“.

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By adorning White coloured clothes on Monday you can bring in some positive vibes.

Decorating the house with white flowers on a Monday is also a good idea.

Fresh flowers will enhance your mood if you’re feeling the Monday blues. Flowers are not only great mood enhancers but also a great way to add colours and fragrances to your house.

The moon looks after our emotional health through her maternal pull. Hence, Mondays are considered best for honouring your yin, which is your feminine energy.

You should choose to cut down your stress levels and activity levels on Mondays to satisfy the moon.

The moon is associated with “Community and “Communication”. Hence, “Manic Mondays” are meant for connecting you’re your friends and family. And together you all can paint the town … white.

Hence, Moon-day is associated with wearing White.


Red Pomegranate Seeds

Ruler: Mars

Colour: Red

Stone: Red Coral, Carnelian

Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

People who fast generally wear red on this day. One can also wear shades of pink.

Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars.

Mars is red in colour and hence is also known as the “Red Planet”. Due to the fiery side of this planet, Tuesday goes by the colour “Red”.

Red Bell Pepper Lot in Close Up Photography

You can also benefit from the power of this Red planet by using stones like red coral and carnelian in your home décor.

Planet Mars is related to “zest and energy”.

As this planet is fiery and energetic, it is traditionally considered a malefic planet.

People believe that Saturn and Mars planets can create unfavourable effects.

Hence, as per Indian astrology, travelling, weddings, conceptions or negotiations should be avoided on Tuesdays.

Close Up Photography of Red Petaled Flower

Because violent behaviour is high on Mars days, Tuesday is a great time to follow athletic endeavours and competitions.

Planet Mars is said to have the qualities of an engineer, so Tuesday is also a good day for mathematics or research.

You can also keep or wear Red coral gemstones to pacify Mars.

So, on Tuesdays wear blazing reds!!!


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Ruler: Mercury

Colour: Green

Stones: Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Peridot

Green is the colour for Wednesday.

This day is connected with Lord Vitthal as well as Buddha.

As both Buddha and Lord Vitthal like Green, so Wednesday becomes a green day.

Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet is known for improving communication and intellect.

On Wednesdays, we should be more focused on our mind, body and spirit.

Having a variety of plants not only adds to your home décor but is also the best way to start your Wednesday, by looking after your own little green space.

Check-in with yourself about how you feel physically and mentally so that you are the best version of yourself.

sliced broccoli and cucumber on plate with gray stainless steel fork near green bell pepper, snowpea, and avocado fruit

Mercury is also known as “The Cerebral Planet” because of its lightning-fast intellect, cheerfulness, and childlike energy.

Mercury rules education, communication and commerce. Wednesday is a day to focus on your mind and care for yourself.

Mercury is related to the colour green. You can wear something green on Wednesdays, or you can adorn a piece of jewellery with an emerald stone.

On Wednesdays, “Go Green” !!!


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Ruler: Jupiter

Colour: Yellow

Stone: Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Citrine

Thursday is the day of Lord Vishnu, who is known to wear Yellow.

As per Hindu tradition, people prefer to wear yellow coloured clothes on Thursday.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance rules the day, Thursday.

To channel the energy of this planet, find something to adorn in yellow.

Fresh sunflowers not only add beauty to your home décor but also add a bit of cheerfulness to even the darkest corners of the house.

Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Sunflower Field Under Sunny Sky

You can also use yellow cushion covers for your interiors.

The other colours, apart from yellow, preferred on Thursday are Orange and golden.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, goodness and generosity. Donating your time towards acts of service is considered auspicious on Thursdays.

Jupiter is also known as a “Social planet”. So, Thursdays are best spent in the company of your loved ones.

To bring in more abundance and luck in your life, wear something in yellow on Thursdays.

You can also adorn an amber ring, as the Jupiter day accessory.

On Thursdays, adorn a beautiful yellow dress and “Be your own Sunshine”.


white clouds and blue sky during daytime

Ruler: Venus

Colour: Hues of Blue, white

Stone: Diamond, White Sapphire

Friday is related to Goddess Shakti. So Hindus prefer to wear white or blue coloured clothes on Fridays.

Light blue and white are Friday colours.

Changing your bedding to subtle shades of blue creates a cosy corner for your weekend siestas and rest sessions.

close-up photo of white and purple petaled flowers

Venus is the “Planet of the Arts” and is the ruler of Friday.

So, Friday is a great day to bring out your creative and artistic side. Explore your creative side!!!

Pleasing the planet Venus could involve making music, dancing or drawing.

Venus is a divinely feminine planet that is deeply connected to romance. Hence, Friday is the perfect time for love.

Venus (Friday) and the Moon (Monday) are both represented by whites and feminine powers.

Ensemble shades of blue for your “Fruitful Fridays”!!!


Blood Moon on a Dark Sky

Ruler: Saturn

Colour: Black, Dark Blue, Royal -Purple

Stones: Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

The rage of Lord Shani is associated with the planet Saturn.

Saturday is related to Saturn and Lord Shani.

Even though Royal – purple, black, indigo, mauve or dark grey colours are all related to Saturday, Black is the first choice and the next colour is dark blue.

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Saturn is the planet, that is said to be our greatest teacher. Saturn rules the day Saturday.

As Saturday is the start of the week, this day is considered a good time to reflect on your mind and body.

Saturday is all about getting ready for a new week with a positive mind.

To receive the positive energies of Saturn, you can use the colours purple and black. You can wear black clothing, or add some black colour to your surroundings or even wear black jewels.

bowl of blueberries

Saturn is a heavy and unenergetic planet. This makes Saturdays less-than-ideal days for material or social enterprises.

Even though Saturn brings about strife and losses, this planet can be our greatest teacher. Because Saturn can help you to reflect on purifying your mind and getting ready for a new cycle or a new week.

Saturday is a perfect day to explore meditation or retreat in nature.

According to Vedic astrology, the mountains radiate the positive aspects of Saturn’s energy, making Saturday the perfect day to get in touch with Mother Nature.


So wear dark colours like black and dark blue on Saturdays as Saturn is certainly a planet that will help you to always be on your good side.

Spiritual Saturdays!!!


Pink Red Yellow Petaled Flower in Close Up Shot

Hope these 7 colour codes for the 7 days of the week becomes

a helpful tool for you during your wardrobe crisis.

Days of the WeekColour of the DayCelestial BodyGod of the Day
Wednesday (Day)GreenMercuryBudha
Wednesday (Night)GreyRahuBudha
FridayLight Blue/ WhiteVenusShukra
SaturdayBlack /PurpleSaturnShani

Now getting dressed as per the “Colours of the Day

is all about attracting “Luck and Positivity”

to make your life simplified!!!

And like a wise man said –

“Life is Simple”.


Gratitude and Connection

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