5 Reasons To Be In Touch With Mandala Art

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You must have seen colourful and beautiful “Mandalas” painted on the temple walls, textiles and sometimes inner ceilings of the temple.

Most Mandalas are colourful and have complete geometric patterns or designs.

“Mandala” in Sanskrit means a “Circle”, that is the “chakra”.

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A Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols in circles.

If you see the sun, the Moon, our Earth all are round. We see through the eyes, which have round eyeballs. All are in circles.

A traditional Mandala is a circle, and the entire design is symmetrical and balanced.

If you study our universe, everything works in symmetry. The Earth always revolves around the Sun in a particular or specific orbit and at a particular speed. The same applies to the Moon.

Rangoli- an Indian traditional power drawing Rangoli- an Indian traditional power drawing mandala pattern stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Everything in the universe moves in a particular symmetry hence, everything is in balance or in equilibrium.

Because of this maintained equilibrium in our nature, we feel calm and serene when we are in natural surroundings.

Mandalas are symbolic illustrations of the cosmos or the universe.

A Mandala represents our “universe” – symmetric and balanced.

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As the Mandala is the symbol of the cosmos or universe, they are considered religious and spiritual artwork.

If you observe the Mandala, starting from the outside circle to the inner circle of the core, it represents layers or concentric circles.

A Mandala signifies the spiritual journey from “outside to inside”.

The circular designs inside the concentric circles, also symbolize that – everything around us is connected and hence life goes on.

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The main central dot of the Mandala is a representation or reflection “free of dimensions”.

It represents the starting point or the beginning of life. This inner main central dot signifies oneness. All creations start from a single dot which is the “divine”.

The dot is then surrounded by lines, geometrical patterns and concentric circles, as a whole representing the cyclical nature of life.

In Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Shintoism, Mandalas are used as spiritual and ritual symbol maps, expressing the universe.

The Mandala is a very important art form that can help you connect with your inner self. Let’s explore some more benefits of “Mandala Art”.

5 Reasons To Be In Touch With Mandala Art

  • Boosts Creativity
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Depending on how and how much you use your creativity, it can increase or decrease.

Exposing yourself to different Mandala designs will boost your imagination. Being curious to know more, makes you more conscious, and helps you explore more ideas and techniques.

Observing your surroundings enables you to imagine on a wider spectrum.

This will help you imagine and create new designs and forms of Mandalas.

You never know what idea or thought can inspire you !!

Creativity is a mixture of knowledge and imagination power!

  • Helps increase your Concentration Level
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Mandala is all about “Synchronicity”.

This needs attention to detail. Hence, you need to focus or concentrate on your design carefully so that the whole circle / Mandala looks complete and in sync.

While drawing the designs you can connect them with your breathing. As you start drawing the design inhale and when you lift your pen exhale. This will help you concentrate and keep your focus intact.

Use this breathing technique even while colouring the Mandala.

  • Used as a Meditative tool

Mandalas are used as spiritual and ritual symbol maps, expressing the universe.

These maps represent gods, nirvana or actual shrines, to represent the universal powers.

In numerous spiritual customs, Mandalas are used as spiritual guidance tools.

These tools help the practitioners to focus during meditation and to reach trance induction. Mandala helps the practitioner establish a sanctified space.

  • One of the ways of Healing

The Mandala designs help eliminate annoying or irritating thoughts. This helps your “creative mind” to relax and calm your body. 

Colouring the Mandalas is used as a “Healing Tool ” as it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Colouring the Mandala also helps combat depression and improves the immune system.

It also allows you to express your creative side which often we are not able to do in our daily stressful and busy lives.

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By creating or looking at Mandalas you can balance your mind, which in turn balances the body.

  • Helps you see the bigger picture
Mandala Template mandala design is separate layered and easy to edit mandala stock illustrations

By concentrating on the Mandala, moving from its outer circles to its inner central dot, you are manoeuvring through the cosmic process of transforming your inner universe from one of suffering into one of joy and happiness.

You (the microcosm), by mentally “entering” the Mandala and “proceeding” towards its centre, the Cosmos (macrocosm) are uniting with your main creation or divine.

This just goes to show that you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you.

Mandalas are expressions of the inner self, which tries to connect and balances itself with the world. As they are expressions, Mandalas are represented differently by different people. Hence, mandalas are more artistic and can have different colours, shapes, and layers.

Explore your inner self through Mandala Art.!!


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