Lotus Flower : significance and Meaning

Pink Lotus Flowers in Bloom

What is the first thing that captivates you, when you see the “Lotus flower”?!!

The colours and symmetry of the “Lotus” flowers are amazing.

The “Lotus” flower is one of the most revered flowers in the world.

In Eastern cultures, the “Lotus” flower is considered one of the most important flowers.

In Hinduism, you must have seen that most of the gods and goddesses are seated on the “Lotus” flower.

The “Lotus” flower signifies purity, compassion, transformation, fertility and spiritual enlightenment.

The lotus flower has a deeper meaning attached to it.

The life cycle of the “Lotus” flower

shallow focus photography of green lotus on body of water

The life cycle of the “Lotus” flower is unique.

The roots of the “Lotus” flowers grow inside muddy waters.  The “Lotus” flower immerses itself every night into the river water. The next morning, this flower miraculously re-blooms above the river water spotlessly and sparklingly clean.

The daily process of reblooming of the “Lotus” flower signifies “Life, Death, and Re-emergence”.

In many cultures, the reblooming of the “Lotus” flower is also related to “Spiritual Enlightenment and Rebirth”.

Hence, the “Lotus” flower is also known as “The Flower of Rebirth”.

Flower, Lotus, Summer, Cool, Lotus

Because of this unique feature of the “Lotus” flower, in some cultures, people are seen giving “Lotus” flowers as offerings to divine figures.

Egyptians believe that the “Lotus” flower is the symbol of the universe.

The ancient Egyptians assumed that the “Lotus” flower had the power to resurrect the deceased.

One of the Buddhist stories states that Buddha appeared atop a floating lotus. The story further states that Buddha’s first footsteps on Earth looked like “Lotus” blossoms.

The Lotus flower and its Spiritual Significance

The daily process of resurrection of the “Lotus” flower is certainly interesting, and surely symbolic of “Revival”.

Hence, the “Lotus” flower is the perfect gift that can be given to anyone recovering from injury or a traumatic experience.

The “Lotus” seeds also have a fascinating “Will to Live” ability in them.

A “Lotus” seed can resist thousands of years without water and can germinate even two centuries later.

The “Lotus” flower also blooms in the most improbable of places. It can grow in the muddy murky river waters in Australia or Southern Asia.

Because of the presence of the waxy protective layer on its petals, its beauty is blithely unaffected when it re-blooms each morning.

The “Lotus” flower resurrects itself, every morning, coming back just as beautiful as it was last seen.

Because of its “Refusal to Accept Defeat” quality, this flower is associated with “unwavering faith”.

Lake, Flowers, Lotus, Water Lilies

Many cultures believe that the “Lotus” flower is a spiritual figurehead. But, it is most symbolic of the faith within ourselves.

One of the Buddhist proverbs is related to the “Lotus” flower.

“Living life with unwavering faith, as the lotus does, ensures the most beautiful revivals.”- Buddha.

In Hinduism, there is a popular mantra that describes the “Lotus” flower as the symbol for “Enlightenment”.

“Om Mani Padme Hum” is a Sanskrit mantra, which roughly translates to – “Praise the jewel in the lotus”.

Pink Waterlily Flower in Full Bloom

This means that we all like the “Lotus” flowers.

All the wisdom and knowledge is within us. The ‘jewel,’ the ‘treasure,’ is inside us. We have to explore this inner power within us.

So we have to understand our inner self and make our life as beautiful as a “Blooming Lotus” flower.

Because of its beauty and spiritual connection, the “Lotus” flower is considered the national flower of both, India and Vietnam.

The Lotus Flower and its Colours

Flower, Lotus, Plant, Aqua Table, Puddle

Each “Lotus” flower colour also has its representation and spiritual meaning attached to it.

The Buddhist practitioners believe that white “Lotus” flowers symbolize purity.

Whereas, the yellow coloured “Lotus” flower symbolizes spiritual ascension.

Pink Lotus Flower:

shallow focus photo of flower

The “True lotus of Buddha”, is depicted as pink in colour.

The “Pink Lotus” flower signifies the “Essence and History of Buddha”.

In Hinduism, you will notice that the deities sit on pink or pink-tipped lotuses.

The colour pink is also related to “Spiritual Enlightenment and Knowledge”.

In Feng Shui, as pink is one of the softer colours, it is associated with “Feminine energy”.

Red Lotus Flower:

Rd water lily

Red signifies the heart, so the “Red Lotus” flower is associated with “Pure Love and Compassion”.

In Buddhism, there are five main Buddha families, known as “Tathāgatas “.

One of the five “Tathagatas” are called “Padma”.

The Padma family is associated with the fire element. They use red-toned lotuses to represent “Fire energy”.

“Red Lotus” Flowers symbolize passion, inspiration and expression.

White Lotus Flower:

White colour represents “Bodhi”, which is “A State of Enlightenment”.

The White lotus is considered to be the representation of the “Womb of the World”.

The white colour also represents “Purity” of both, the Mind and the Soul”.

A white lotus flower is a symbol of Purity and Transcendence.

In Feng Shui, the white colour is related to the metal element, which can “cut through” hindrances.

Blue Lotus Flower:

shallow focus photography of green lotus on body of water

Blue signifies the importance of spirit over knowledge.

The blue colour also represents common sense, wisdom, and knowledge. 

The “Blue Lotus” flower is a special symbol for Mahayana Buddhists.

The “Blue Lotus” flower, is always shown closed.

The closed “Blue Lotus” flower is used to describe the potential of human beings to realize their inherent Buddha nature.

Through knowledge and wisdom, the closed “Blue Lotus” flower can ‘blossom’ into a “full bodhisattva-hood”.

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is a person who can reach Nirvana but delays it out of compassion to help others.

purple flower

Activity for You

There is a list of activities for you to choose from!!

These activities will help you to welcome the lotus’s themes of purity, beauty and transcendence into your life.

A.   Draw them.

Lotus, Summer, Fantasy, Lotus, Lotus

You can draw some lotus flowers of your own.

For starters, you can draw three simple but different types of lotuses –

Lotus Bud – signifies potential and new birth

Lotus in Mid-Bloom – Awakening

Lotus in full bloom – that represents enlightenment.

You can even draw lotuses inside the “Mandala”.

This activity will help you relax and get your mind into a meditative state.

B.   Keep images of “Lotus” flowers.

In South Asia, people keep images, photos, paintings, drawings of lotuses in their homes.

Many images or paintings of the gods, like Buddha, Hindu gods and goddesses standing or sitting on lotuses can be added to your home décor.

By keeping pictures of “Lotus” flowers around the house, you will see them daily. This will serve as a reminder to you that – you have all the potential to rise above all challenges just like the “Lotus” flower.  And by overcoming your challenges you can bring forth something beautiful and pure into your life.

C.   Sit in the Lotus pose.

Woman Practicing Yoga

In Sanskrit, the “Lotus pose” is known as “Padmasana”.

The Lotus pose is a deep hip-opening stretch. It involves sitting cross-legged with both your feet resting on top of both your opposite thighs.

The Lotus pose is a great flower-inspired pose, useful for balancing the “Root Chakra”.

As this pose allows the base of the spine to root into the Earth, it is one of the most popular ways to sit for meditation.

D.  Plant “Lotus” plants

You can bring real lotuses into your surroundings.

Whether it is inside your house or in your outdoor garden, the lotus flowering plant will not only add beauty to your house but will also bring in positive energies.


Lotus, Hangzhou, West Lake, Pond
  • The “Lotus flower” represents:
  1. Beauty
  2. Purity
  3. Power
  4. Open-heartedness and Compassion
  5. Fertility and the Cycle of Life
  6. Transformation and Rebirth
  7. Spiritual Awakening
  8. Enlightenment
  • The symbolism and representation of the “Lotus” flowers are rooted in several religions.
  • The symbol of the “Lotus flower” has become “Universal” and can be sported by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation.
  • The “Lotus flower” comes in different colours and is one of the most beautiful and is emblematically one of the greatest flowers of the natural world.
  • We can all learn from the flawless “Lotus” flower that grows beautifully despite its surroundings.

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