Top 10 life lessons you can learn from Lord Ganesha

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Lord Ganesha is fondly also called the “Elephant–Headed God”.

Lord Ganesha is the son of, Lord Shiva also known as Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati also known as Shakti.

Our universe comprises of a “group of atoms” and “different energies”.

This universe would be in utter chaos if there was no supreme power monitoring and guiding these diverse groups of things and energies.

The supreme power or supreme consciousness that looks after and brings order to this universe is Lord Ganesha.

Hence, Lord Ganesha is also known as “Ganapati”, which means the “Lord of the group/people/ energies.”

As Lord Ganesha is the supreme energy – everything manifests from Him and everything will dissolve in Him.

“Lord Ganesha ” is the “ Lord of Intellect and Wisdom” and through this knowledge, we can “Remove our Obstacles”.

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This is the reason why Lord Ganesha is traditionally worshipped first, before any major work.

Lord Ganesha is said to be married to both Riddhi and Siddhi.

“Riddhi” means “Prosperity” and Siddhi means “Achieving knowledge or enlightenment”.

“Ganesh Chaturthi” is one of the greatest festivals celebrated in Maharashtra.

It is a 10-day festival, devoted to Lord Ganesha, in which people welcome the deity home and pray to the deity and ask for blessings.

Did you know that Lord Ganesha’s body parts have hidden meanings or life lessons?

“Lord Ganesha” is generally depicted with an elephant head, a potbelly, in one hand he is holding his favourite sweet “Modak”, and an “Axe”, in another hand. He is always accompanied by his vehicle – the Mouse.

Let us learn the hidden life lessons depicted through Lord Ganapati’s body parts:

1. Big Head

Lord Ganesha figurine

Lord Ganesha’s elephant head indicates vast knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, perception and clear thinking.

Think big!!!

2. Large Ears

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Lord Ganesha’s large ears, tells us that we should “Listen more”.

Lord Ganesh listens to all the prayers.

The large, magnificent ears of Lord Ganesha shows that he listens to the prayers of every single human being.

Ganesha’s large ears also signify listening to spiritual knowledge.

With his large ears, Lord Ganesha can hear each sound in the universe.

Importance of listening!!!

3. Small mouth

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Lord Ganesha’s small mouth suggests that we should “talk or speak less” and “listen more” (large ears).

The key factor required to improve concentration is “listening”.

Even, the key factor to acquire knowledge is “Listen more and talk less”.

4. Long trunk

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Lord Ganesha’s long large trunk, signifies “Adaptability” and “High efficiency”.

It also means that there is no straight path to success. We need to be flexible, adaptable and adjustable to achieve success.

The trunk emerges or starts from Lord Ganesha’s head.

Hence, the trunk also depicts a well-developed intellect.

This intellect is attained through wisdom, the trunk connected to the elephant head.

This acquired intellect or conscience helps us discriminate between right and wrong – morality.

Without clarity of thought, our mind is bound to be confused. This leads to negative thoughts, prejudices and preconceptions.

Lord Ganesha’s trunk portrays the importance of a crystal clear intellect that helps in making correct decisions.

5. Large belly

gold and purple hindu deity figurine

Lord Ganesha’s large belly/stomach signifies that we should peacefully digest both – good and bad phases of life.

Ganesha’s large round belly indicates that we should have the capability to digest all that life has to offer, may it be a good phase or a bad phase.

People who have the incredible “mental strength” to confront their greatest setbacks like an immensely joyous experience are always “Happy” and “Successful”.

6. One tusk

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Lord Ganesha tusk signifies “Positivity’.

Lord Ganesha had two tusks. In one of the Lord Ganesha’s stories, it is illustrated that –

Lord Ganesha had broken one of his tusks to throw it at the moon. Because the moon was laughing and making fun of Lord Ganesha’s appearance.

The one tusk signifies “Maintaining Positive Attitude”.

The tusk which was broken and thrown represents “Elimination of Negative Thoughts”.

The single tusk indicates Lord Ganesh’s ability to overcome all forms of differentiation or the transcendence over the pairs of opposites (two tusks).

It is only when we have grown above the play of opposites (good and bad), that we can overcome the challenges that life throws at us.

We should be stable and grateful if we are in a good phase of our life, and we should be stable and strong if we are in the bad phase of our life.

We should stabilize our emotions.

7. Small eyes

gold and purple hindu deity figurine

Lord Ganesha’s small eyes seem like they are “Concentrating on something”.

The small eyes indicate the importance of concentration and attention.

Small eyes even indicate the “eye for detail”.

8. Axe

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Lord Ganesha holds an axe in one of the four hands.

The “Axe” symbolizes “cutting off or getting rid of attachments”.

In spiritual terms, it means that we should eradicate all our desires or “wants”, then only can we achieve higher spiritual growth – Liberation.

9. Modak

white and yellow pumpkin on brown wooden table

The “modak” symbolises the happiness and joy a seeker develops by attaining spiritual knowledge.

The sweet “Modak”, is the sign of achievements (sweet) gained by practising good deeds.

10. Mouse

Lord Ganesha’s vehicle is his mouse.

You can see the mouse, bowing down close to Lord Ganesha.

The mouse indicates “desires”.

By sitting on the mouse, Lord Ganesha depicts that we should have a hold over our desires. We need to learn to ride our desires.

The mouse next to Lord Ganesha is mostly black in colour – the darkness of night.

By worshipping Lord Ganesha, we will be able to overcome the darkness or negativity.

We must have control over our senses.

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Lord Ganesha Mantra

“Vakratunda Mahaakaaya , Suryakotee Sama Prabha

Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva , Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa.”

Lord Ganesha Mantra Meaning

“We salute our Supreme Lord, Ganesha, with a curved trunk and

whose radiance is equal to a million/billions suns.

May you bless all our endeavours and remove all obstacles from our path.”

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In these 10 days of “Ganesh Chaturthi” festival let us recollect what “Lord Ganesha” stands for !

*Om Gan Ganpataye Namah*

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