5 benefits of wearing a “Nose Ring”.

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Nowadays, experimenting with your appearance has become a trend.

Multiple piercings on the ear, nose piercing, body tattoos, hair colouring and body piercings (mostly on the tongue and the belly) have developed into fashion statements.

After ear piercings, nose piercing is the second most popular type of body piercing.

The nose rings are in high demand. They are available in various designs, colours, shapes and sizes.

If you see pictures of any Indian Goddess, they are mostly seen adorning the beautiful nose ring.

According to Indian tradition, wearing a nose ring was considered as paying respect and honouring the Goddess of marriage, Parvati.

An ancient ayurvedic text, Sushruta Samhita, mentions the health benefits of wearing nose rings.

The 5 Benefits Of Wearing A Nose Ring are:

1. Improves the functioning of the female reproductive system.

Mostly, women wear the nose ring on the left nostril. The nerve endings of the left nostril help in easing the childbirth process.

Conferring to Ayurveda, the nose piercing done near a particular node on the left nostril helps in easing the discomfort during monthly periods in women.

2. Adds to the beauty

Leonardo Da Vinci, the great painter, observed that among the whole face, the nose describes certain facets of a person’s character.

The nose ring is beautiful and can highlight the facial features of a lady well.

When you wear a nose ring, it becomes the most noticeable piece of jewellery. Due to its natural positioning, it adds value to the face and enhances the beauty quotient.

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