Story of a simple saree: 5 Benefits of Wearing a Saree

Every Indian woman, no matter how modern they are and no matter, how much saree has been transformed with time, the “saree” lies in the heart of every Indian woman.

Our grandmothers and mothers carry the “saree’’ with such elegance and grace, that it makes every girl’s desire to adorn the beautiful “saree”.

The “saree” has spiritual and religious importance attached to it in Indian culture. The saree signifies our customs, traditions, culture and philosophy.

India is known for its festivals and has gained the title of “A Country of Festivals”. Whenever there is a special festival or an occasion in India, getting the perfect and right Indian attire is every woman’s aim.

With the perfect Indian attire, the “saree” and our ancestral and traditional Indian jewellery, we are ready to indulge in happiness, warmth and bonding that our festivals and occasions bring along.

Earlier the “saree” was a simple 9 yards’ piece of cloth. With changing times and the over evolving fashion industry, now, the “saree” has become 6 yards of a piece of cloth.

But, even today, the “saree” is considered the most elegant and beautiful attire across the globe.

With time, the patterns, designs, colours and draping styles of the “saree” has been changing and adding different flavours to the “saree”.

In India, each state has its own way of draping a saree.

In the “Gujarati style” saree, you get to show off the intricately bordered “pallu” in full on the right shoulder.

 In “Marathi style” saree, also called the “Nauvari” looks like a dhoti.

WOMEN'S NAGMODI BANARAS BUTTI SEMI SILK NAUVARI SAREE (Free, Chintamani) - Banaras Semi Silk - Shalgar, , Pune, Maharashtra

In the “Bengali style” saree, the borders and the pallu are well highlighted.

Woman in Red and White Sleeveless Dress Holding Red Bauble

The 5 Benefits of Wearing a Saree are:

1. Elegant and graceful

When it comes to wearing something impressive and eye-catchy, nothing can contest with the Indian sarees.

“Sarees” are gorgeous and can make any woman look remarkable on any occasion.

 “Saree” makes a woman look elegant, decent and graceful.

With the different draping styles, the “saree” can give you a traditional look and a modern look too.

As any look can be given with the “saree”, it is a unique attire compared to the other women dresses.

2. Best for Every Occasion

Whether you want to attend an official function, a friend’s wedding or a puja ritual – a beautiful saree is your best attire for every occasion.

When you want to look elegant and you need to maintain the traditional look, nothing can beat a saree.

A cotton saree goes well with office functions, a traditional banarsi saree goes well for a marriage/ festival /occasion.

A georgette saree goes well with a modern look – everyday wear or parties.

3. Unlimited Options

Significance of the Colour of the Saree | mysoresareeudyog

You have unlimited options available in a saree as your attire.

From the traditional Kanjivaram to the modern silk sarees – sarees have it all.

Depending on the occasion, sarees in different fabrics are available online and in the market.

Different patterns, designs, colours and draping styles of the “saree” gives you unlimited options to choose from!

4. Impacts the mind, body and the soul

Woman in Red and Blue Floral Dress

The way of wearing clothes has a big impact on our mind, body, soul.

The basic need for clothing is to cover up our bodies and maintain our dignity. But, there is also a bigger motive behind it!

The earth’s atmosphere comprises both – positive and negative energy.

Any energy coming towards us first touches our clothes and then it enters into the body and its energy channels and then to the internal organs.

We have to protect our bodies from negative energies. The clothes work as armour to protect our bodies from these unfriendly energies.

As a saree is longer and covers the whole body well, it impacts and protects the mind, body and soul.

5. Proper flow of energy

We all are made of two kinds of elements, Energy and Consciousness.

Energy is female in nature, whereas, consciousness is male in nature.

The healthy energy movement in our body, and in Earth and in the Universe moves in circles.

So, the saree is worn in a round or circular way around the body almost till the end, called the pallu .

When any energy comes in contact with the saree, it travels in a circular motion around the body, this helps the positive energy move in the correct way.

The unwanted energy or negative energies are lazy and cannot move a lot, and so, they get stuck in the saree. When the saree is cleaned these negative energies get washed away.

The mid part of the body, mostly the stomach area is left uncovered in the saree because it is the “Brahmasthan” of the body.

The belly button is the most important source of life and creativity. Our body accepts a lot of life energy from this area. So, the saree is worn in such a way that it does not cover the midriff area.  

It is mentioned in the “Vaastu Science”, that, the central part of the house, also called the “Brahmasthan”, should be left open to the sky.

Red Textile on Brown Wooden Armchair

I hope these “5 benefits of wearing a Saree” inspires you

to wear and flaunt the beautiful and ever revolutionizing saree.

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