Marriages are made in heaven or hell?

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Marriages are made in heaven. The couples who separate or divorce, where are their marriages made? In hell?!!

Rahul and Anjali, belong to high profile business society. Both their parents have businesses that are flourishing all over the world. From investments in Bollywood, construction firms, educational sectors, IT companies, you name it and they are part of it.

The parents decided to get Rahul and Anjali married. They wanted to strengthen their business tie-ups. This marriage would make them family and help build more business connections.

Rahul and Anjali, just know each other as acquaintances. They had to attend the business parties arranged by their parents. They always met formally, they shared pleasantries as a family norm and walked their way through the busy party.

Anjali, a 28-year-old, classical dancer, hated the business parties but was forced to attend by her parents. She was an artist and loved being in her own space of creativity. She preferred observing than talking, so being home all alone was her heaven. Watching dance videos, learning new dance forms and skills. An introverted person could be defined as “Anjali”.

Rahul, a 30-year-old, a bike- pack traveller. He had explored the small villages all over India. He even explored a few places of the Himalayan range. He loves adventure and the adrenaline rush created by bike travelling. Being out of the house partying and being in open nature was his “space”. An extrovert person could be defined as “Rahul”.

You can predict what marriage would bring to these different two worlds!

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Within a month of marriage, they could identify that, they didn’t even have even a single topic in common, that they could talk about.

 Anjali had always dreamt of being at home with a husband. Learning new cooking recipes together, start organic-house – gardening together and watch movies at home, at night.

Rahul had always dreamt of being out with his wife, travelling the world. Exploring new places, trying their cuisines and lay under the stars at night.

There were fights as they expected different things. Rahul would like to take Anjali out for a party to a new place. She would refuse and say that she would practice her dance instead. He even told her she would enjoy the party as it was in disco tech. But in vain. He felt that she had the ego of being rich and so didn’t like interacting with other people. 

Anjali felt like he didn’t have peace of mind. He always was in a rush to do everything. He always just wanted to be out of the house, to eat out and meet random people. She felt this was his way of showing off his wealth – by spending money.

They decided to keep out of each other’s zones.

 Anjali had fear of interacting with people so preferred being home. She felt she will be judged for being rich and getting all the things easy in life. She would get anxious meeting strangers. This all came from her parents repeatedly telling her that her “dance ‘’is nothing in front of the business families she is surrounded with. She would be repeatedly reminded that she had no skills to run the business and she was just lucky to be born rich. The pressures of always trying to be the “perfect daughter” drained her. Her low confidence levels and emotional instability grew deep into her. 

Rahul was scared of joining the immense business his family had created. His travel was a get away from joining the business. He felt he didn’t have the strength to take over the business. He thought that his one wrong decision would bring in financial losses to the business. He had his educational degrees, but the pressure of being in his father’s vast ocean of money-spinning business was like a waterspout in his head.

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Both, in their fears of breaking out from their comfort zones, were finding ways of escaping from their fears. This spoilt their married life.

If they would have tried to understand each other and tried to take part in each other’s lives their marriage would be happy. 

Their families arranged for their “Europe Honeymoon tour”. It was great for Rahul, but he was with Anjali. Anjali had no ways of stepping out of this. They packed for their trip.

They had to follow the itinerary, the first destination was France. Anjali and Rahul roamed around Paris. They saw the famous – the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre museum and many tourist places. They tried French cuisine. 

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Anjali started enjoying the trip. She knew that in this new place, no one knows her, so she won’t be judged. She could be her. The exposure to new places and food made her realize what she was missing in life. Rahul could feel her happiness. He arranged for a “Ballet dance class “for Anjali. Anjali loved it. Rahul’s gesture started “friendship” between them.

Rahul and Anjali were enjoying their trip to the core. For Rahul, this was his comfort zone. He told Anjali about his travel experiences on his bike. His encounters with different people, cultures and his quest to travel all over the world. This made Anjali excited and she requested Rahul to take her along in his next travel adventure.

In the morning, Rahul’s father had called Rahul, to inform him to meet one of their associates in Paris. Rahul was sceptical. The fears of breaking out of the comfort zone built-in. Anjali told Rahul she would accompany him to the meeting. He could attend the meeting while she could explore the place.

That evening, Rahul met the associate in a coffee shop. Anjali was roaming outside the coffee shop, clicking pictures. The meeting was related to the “project for opening a travel company in France”. Rahul gave his inputs and business ideas, through his travel experiences. The meeting went well and he informed his father about the same.

His father overjoyed with the ideas, gave Rahul the authority to run the project. This meeting boosted Rahul’s self – confidence and self –assurance. 

When they were back from their honeymoon, they had overcome their fears, “the fears of breaking out of the comfort zone”. Their relationship grew into a happy marriage. 

Marriages are indeed , made in heaven. 

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