A Pleasant Sunday morning at Pashan tekdi.

I planned to go to Pashan tekdi with my husband on a Sunday morning.

Getting up early on a holiday is an irritating and painful experience. But the view from the tekdi was awesome in the morning. So, I got up at 7 am, with lots of tossing around in bed. 

My husband and I parked the bike near the tekdi and started our climb up the tekdi. The tekdi has a slope developed for walking too. We preferred climbing through the rough rocks (the way nature intended). It was raining the previous day so the rocks were a bit wet and slippery. The lush green view was motivating me to climb faster, to reach the top, to see the full view from the top. 

We had covered half of the distance (reached the mid of the tekdi). We waited to take a few quick breathes and to cool down our breathing rates. We clicked a few pictures. 

The view was spectacular. Land covered with greenery, the sky filled with clouds and a nice gentle breeze flowing through the air. I loved the smell of wetland (petrichor) that was in the air. 

We started our climb to the top of the tekdi. Stepping on the big stones and small pebbles, helped us reach the top. The view was the top was beautiful. Just like life, each stage has some big and small incidences (bad or good) that help us reach our goals or happiness in our lives, making each of our lives beautiful.

The top view of the city was outstanding. We sat on one of the big rocks, the fresh air, the greenery around and the silence made me calm and refreshed. It just wiped out all my tensions and stress. 

The way down the tekdi is always easy and fast. We sat on the bench near the parking area. The tekdi climb gave me an energizing and happy feeling. Then, went to a nearby café to have masala chai and some poha. 

It was a well-spent Sunday morning. The tekdi climb showed me that mental health (preparing myself to wake up early), physical health (to climb the rocks) and emotional health (refreshing/ happy feeling) can be easily achieved by being in touch with nature. Nature has offered us a lot so we need to save the tekdis and our environment. 

Natural is unique artificial is common.

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